Baracuda – Ass Up!

I recently downloaded a music video and the tune of the song is pretty good. It also has a nice beat. Of course it helps there’s a hot chick singing the song too. As some of you may know, I usually like most trance and techno songs with female signers. Their high pitch just gives a nice sound to the song.

The song is Baracuda – Ass Up! I’d post a cd cover, but I think it’s a bit too explict for most readers and definitely not work safe. The lyrics also are pretty explicit as the title of the song already tells you. But the music is really good dance music and has a nice beat.

You can preview the song here (direct link) or check out the album cover..

You can also watch the music video here.

After some digging around, you can download the mp3 from this compilation I found linked on some forum: EURO DANCE MIX 2005 VOL. 2.


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