Dirty Deeds

Watched Dirty Deeds today. IMDB users give it a rating of 5.3. You can watch the trailer here. The movie was fun. Basically another American Pie clone. Somewhat better than many of the recent movies that have come out.

dirty deeds


It’s basically jocks against the rebels. It’s homecoming weekend, and one of the kids has reach his tolerance in dealing with the jocks and says he’ll do the Dirty Deeds. The Dirty Deeds is a list of 10 deeds one has to complete on the night before homecoming to prove himself. There were more rules such as only one person can do it per year and that if a senior wanted to do it, he had priority, etc etc. Anyway, the sister of that boy comes and asks Zach to get her brother out of this. Zach has a crush on this girl and decides to help her, but the only way to help save his brother face was by the rule where seniors had priority and he took up the 10 dirty deeds dare.

The 10 dirty deeds were pretty gross and crude and evil. The ones I can remember include:
» Drink beer in front of a cop.
» Punch the toughest guy in town.
» Put “special sauce” into a loaf of bread.
» Bring the gigantic leprechaun from the car lot to the school.
» Bring a corpse to school.
» Steal a car worth over $100,000.
» Steal some security gaurd’s fake leg.
» Find a previous Dirty Deeds champion
» Get a bra from a homecoming queen and have it signed.
» Ruin the school carnival.

I pretty much said the whole movie in the previous 10 lines, but the movie was fun by itself and then there’s the entire side story about how a freshman hosts a party in a house he claims is his, but turns out to be his neighbors. It was a funy movie. Great to watch if you have nothing better to do. I know, I know, I should catch up on all the blogging I’ve missed for the past few days.

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