Just saw Waiting… today. IMDB users give it a 7.0. You can watch the trailer here. Movie was pretty funny. It features that guy from Van Wilder. A lot of hot girls in this movie too. It actually wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, but I’m comparing it to Van Wilder, which is really a big mountain to overcome. You can preorder at Amazon.com for $20.



The main storyline is about some kids who are waiters and waitresses at a grill and bar restaurant called Shenanigan. It’s basically about growing up and ending up nowhere and how life as a waiter is sometimes cruel and sometimes awesome. Ever think your waiter messes with your food? This movie shows it all. Tips are another big thing in this movie. So is inter-staff relationships.

Movie has tons of hot chicks and pretty gross tricks and plenty of insults all around.

One of the coolest thing in the movie is the game they invented where you try to get others to look at your schlong and if you catch them looking, you get to call them a fag and kick them in the butt. There’s a whole bunch of rules regarding what you can do and what you can’t and how many number of kicks you get to kick them in the butt depending on your position you were in when they looked at your schlong. They even have names for the positions like chicken leg, batman, goat, etc.

If you have time to waste, a definite recommendation.

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