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As requested by my #1 fan. I just got lazy. Turns out I haven’t posted anything from pya! since late November. This barely covers up to mid December. I am exactly one month behind now.

(img) ぶっちゅ~う – Sleeping Puppies – they’re so cute!
(img) パンツ進化論 – Evolution of Panties
(img) キリン – Kirin – fat giraffe!
(img) スカートは危険 – Taco Bell Pyramid – I would never waste so much energy for Taco Bell food.
(img) こら、自分のを食べなさい – Hamsters eating on their own – hamsters are so cute too!
(img) 街を襲う王蟲 – Weird looking building – What shape is it supposedly resembling?
(img) ラビ(*´∀`)出産 – Rabbit Factory – baby rabbits are ugly, but they get so cute!
(img) よもぎ餅 – Human grass – It actually looks like some guy is stuck beneath the grass
(img) グッドテイスト – Good Taste – Cookie cutter that makes cookies look half eaten
(img) 今日のディナー – Today’s Dinner – linking IBM cpus together to make a electric stove
(img) プーさんが両手広げて待ってるクマー – Giant Frozen Pooh
(vid) 雪合戦 – Snow Fight – This reporter gets smashed!
(img) マイボール – Football Tape – The football (soccer ball) actually looks half decent
(img) あむあむ – Cute puppy biting finger
(vid) カンガルー – Kangeroo whacking off
(img) 集中砲火 – Homing Missile – I knew pigeons aimed from the start!
(vid) コインランドリー – Coin Laundry – an idiot starts the dryer while being inside
(img) 悩みがあるwan – 4 cute sleeping puppies
(img) エン○ルパイ 合体 – Chocolate Cookies => poop
(img) Real Mario’s world – Princess Toadstool is pretty sexy. Or is that Peach?
(vid) よし、開いた – Woman’s encounter with the parking ticket system – I always hated these things. Often times I don’t drive close enough to it and have to reach really far to put the ticket in. Same thing with drive thrus. And when you stretch, I often imagine myself hitting the gas like this lady did.
(img) アウトドア派 パート4 – Outdoor Sleeping – When you run out of space inside for a slumber party.
(img) ダンボールマン – Cardboard Box man – cheapest halloween costume ever!
(img) ディープキス – Snake eating fish – or is it fish eating snake?
(img) 突撃だwan – Puppies drinking milk from mom
(img) 眠いのぉ? – Rabbit and Hamster
(img) スモウレスラー – Sumo Wrestlers – Street Fighter edition!
(img) ペーパークラフト – Paper Craft – I’m still amazed at how they can build these things from 1 piece of paper.
(img) 左曲がり – Crooked Penis – when you can no longer aim.

I’ll end this post with a cute unicorn biting or eating an elf’s pants:
cute unicorn eating elf's pants

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