Antegra, DNG, and SueOn’s visit to Seattle

It’s been over a week since they came to visit me, but I finally got time to write this article. It’s been a long week, mostly catchup work due to the holidays.

Antegra, DNG, and SueOn came to visit me last week. They arrived Wednesday night and left Sunday night. The plan didn’t work exactly as plan, but it seemed like everyone had fun. I have to apologize for not being able to hang out with them as much as I wanted since I had a bunch of work piled up after the holidays.

I was also getting pretty sick. I had gotten the cold or something from my dad and was coughing non-stop, especially at night. Coughing is the worst symptom I could have. If I have a sore throat, I can take care of that in a day or two (just need to cough out that nasty mucus stuck in my throat). If I have a fever, Tylenol is the magic cure. If I’m sneezing, I just need fluids and sleep. But coughing, especially night coughing, is the worst! I would cough non-stop for 1-2 hours while laying in bed, and it doesn’t matter how tire I am. Cough medicines never worked for me. Robotussin, Vick’s, cough syrup, cough tablets, etc. It was always just me waiting it out, drinking lots of fluids, and getting plenty of sleep, which was basically what I ended up doing. I still have some remenants of coughing, but I’m pretty much back to normal. I’d say I’m back to 95% of myself. The coughing actually got so bad when my friends were up here, that I actually threw up on 2 consecutive nights. Have you ever heard of people throwing up from coughing? They both happened when I was laying in bed. I started to cough from the bottom of my stomach and actually had problems breathing. This led to my dinner coming up. Thank god it wasn’t much, but I definitely tasted dinner once again. It wasn’t a good feeling. Originally I was going to make this an entire post by itself, but I thought I might as well incorporate it into this entry.

So back to the main story. I didn’t take many pictures since they were pretty much on their own. I showed them where to take the bus and how to get into the city and they basically went on their own from that point on. You can check out Antegra’s blog and photo album (slideshow).

They actually went to check out some pretty cool places which even I haven’t visited yet, like the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Science Fiction Museum, and Pike Place Market. I still have yet to go to Pike Place Market in the morning. I’ve only gone there at night where every thing’s already close. One interesting thing we learnt while being at Pike Place Market was the history of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee. The 1st Starbucks in on Pike Pl right across from Pike Place Market. Their original logo, the naked lady with the long hair, actually doesn’t have her breasts covered. Also, the color of the logo seems to be brown instead of green. We were talking to some photographer nearby taking photos of an empty Seattle’s Best Coffee. It turns out that Starbucks used to be just one local coffee shop. Some guy bought it and made it a franchise believing he’d get rich, which of course he did. Later he bought out Seattle’s Best Coffee, which my guess is so that it gives Seattlelites a choice and a feeling of competition, which is smart on their move.

Every night, we’d watch movies. If you know me, you’ll know about my massive movie “collection” if you can call it that. We wasted so many hours doing that. Hehe. Also, it was fun watching it with 5.1 surround sound on a 24″ LCD.

Saturday and Sunday were the only 2 days I got to spend with them. Friday night, we had everything planned out for our Vancouver day trip. Where to get dim sum, which landmarks to visit, even backup hostels if we didn’t want to come back that night. Next morning, my alarm clock goes off at 9:20am. We had planned to leave here at 10am. Nobody got up. Haha. By the time I actually got up, it was already 11:30am. We went to Jack in the Box for lunch, and there we decided it might be too late to go to Vancouver. So we went to the Museum of Flight instead. There was so much there and we didnt even get to go through the entire park since the Airpark was closed due to the rain. We saw a bunch of ancient planes of WWI and WWII, the beginning of Boeing, Douglas, McDonnel, Martin, Lockheed, and tons of other cool stuff. You can check out our Museum of Flight trip album and the last night they were staying here in Seattle.

We just chilled at my place on the last day and watched movies. Hehe. It was a blast having them up here.

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