pya! FLOOD

Another pya! FLOOD! I’ve finally reached the year 2006! Still half a month to go.

(vid) 完成前の悲劇 – Tragedy of Being Almost Complete – sucks to be the ice chipper
(vid) にらみ合い – One Punch Knock Out – did the opponent kiss him?
(img) 均等 – Uniformity – now you can serve alcohol even faster!
(img) 二人の門出 – The Depature of Two People – I thought these kids looked awfully cute.
(vid) 熱い男 – Man on Fire – a cool contraption, but an idiot nonetheless.
(img) すくすく育ってね – Baby Crib with Electric Barbed Wire Fence
(img) ピアノ – Monster Piano
(img) 黒の騎士とその愛馬 – Black Horseman – I thought the costume was pretty neat.
(img) 通勤前の絶望 – Despair before Commuting – Giant bird poop
(img) ハート – Heart – made of snow!
(img) 日の出を待つ – Waiting for Sunrise – you might have to tilt your head and look from an angle to see the roosters.
(img) ハート – Heart – made of snow!
(img) LOGO Mac – made of Legos!
(img) マイカー – My Car – pretty neat car made completely from wood
(img) もう疲れたクマー – The Stressful Bear – bear is tired of life and suicidal
(img) iPod – iPod baby with Shuffle
(img) クリスマスファンタジー – Christmas Fantasy – this city is so pretty!
(vid) スター – Star – Direct TV ad with scary movie characters being nice
(vid) フォースの – Battle of the Force – a recreation of the Star Wars scene
(img) パンパンパンパンパンパン・・・ – Tons of Pandas
(img) 枕だwan – Dog Pillow
(img) 新手のスタンド使いか?! – Frozen Stop Sign
(vid) クリティカルヒット – Critical Hit – what happens when a wrestler messes up
(img) 大接近 – Too Close – Big Moon
(img) 空からお月様が落ちてきたよ – The moon fell from the sky
(vid) 駐車場なんていらない – No longer needing a parking space – The magical shrinking car
(vid) 見上げた世界 – World as seen from below us – nice video, but I think it’s a advertisement for gasoline: Metro
(img) ガクガク(((( ;゚Д゚))))ブルブルなテニス – Playing tennis on top of a plane
(img) 2020年 – Year 2002 – The Honda Asimo Robot in 15 years
(img) かぷーnya – Cute Kitten
(img) 夢心地 – Deep Sleep – trick eyeglasses
(vid) (´・ω・`)ショボーン – Karate Chop – did it break?
(vid) 顔面蒼白 – PWNED – 2 guys want to lipsynch to a pop song and gets pwned by their father.
(img) えへっnya – Cute Kitten on Pole
(vid) 多機能な携帯電話 – Multi-function cell phone – Sumsing Turbo 3000 Xi Multitask – the phone that does it all!

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