Stupid Post Office

So I went to the post office today since they’ve recently increased their rates to get some 2¢ stamps. I get there after hours and they have 2 stamp vending machines, only one which sold the 2¢ stamps and there’s a big note covering the coin hole saying: OUT OF ORDER. The other vending machine only had larger value stamps where the smallest amount was the postcard stamp. I wasn’t willing to pay 10x the amount of a 2¢ stamp just to mail a couple envelopes.

Then there was the postage printing machine. I gave that a try. Went to stamps and the smallest value I could purchase was $1.00. Tried the postage option instead and it weighed my letter and asked me my zip code. Then it asked me if there was already postage on it and I said yes and entered 37¢. It said I needed an additional 2¢. No duh. So it gladly accepted my credit card and printed my 2¢ stamp. I needed 2 of these (for now) and did the process again. So I’ll be receiving a 4¢ transaction for the USPS this month on my credit card bill.

Next time I need to send a letter, I’ll have to go to the stupid post office again.

Random Crap:

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.” – Rich Cook (from /.)

Fallen Angel: Teaser (from Tera) – Check out this pretty cool flash video. You can also visit the author’s site: Fallen Angel Series. A bit of warning, it is pretty gory.

Incredible Fishing Video (direct download) (from MS newsgroup) – this fishing trip is awesome! I wonder if they fish too long, would they boat sink.

Knife Nail (from Artemyst) – A pretty creepy image of what someone could do to their fingernails.

Did you know you could upload your own videos to Google Video. Check out their Video Upload Program. There’s no size restriction. The only downside I see is that playback is either through Flash or through their Google Video Player. You can even charge money for your videos. Of course it must be your own or that you own the copyrights to. Find more info at their Uploading Videos & Review Process information.

Upgrade Your 4 Gig Nano to 8 Gigs (from Deadlock) – For all you daredevils out there, the weak need not apply, there is a tutorial floating on the net that shows you exactly how to beef up your Nano from a modest 4 gigabyte device to an impressive 8 gigabyte MP3 player. Too bad it requires delicate soldering skills. My soldering skills suck.

MAN DATES GAL ON INTERNET FOR SIX MONTHS — AND IT TURNS OUT SHE’S HIS MOTHER! (from Mandalayx) – title sort of says it all. Read the article if you want the juicy details.

encyclomedia (from /.) – Why did I start this project? Simple, I wanted a PC connected to the TV, to watch DVDs (and DivX). The problem was my mother, who didnt like the idea of having a grey pc in her “beautiful living room”. It actually doesn’t look half bad. The pretty pictures for these mods are always nice.

Postage Paid Envelope Revenge (from Artemyst) – Tired of receiving mounds of unsolicited letters and offers in the mail? Want to fight back? Want to get rid of that old tire in your garage that the garbage man won’t take? Then read on…… I’ve actually swapped spam and stuffed it into these postage paid return envelopes and mailed them back for fun. This guy takes it to the extreme. Too bad they don’t know who’s doing it so they could stop sending you spam. I wonder if they could press charges if they found out it was you.

New personal computer design wins Microsoft competition“How this computer is used closely resembles the traditional use of a bookshelf,” says Son, a second-year graduate student from Seoul, South Korea. “Digital contents are downloaded through subscriptions, then arranged in each hardware attachment, which are provided by the subscription’s service. The physical configuration of the unit permits users to visually navigate the categories of content as they do with books on a bookshelf. This thing is actually pretty neat, but I have doubts it’ll ever leave the design table.

The Bookshelf, a personal computer Bookshelf can be pieced together

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