Comcast Game Invasion Game Invasion (from AnandTech Hot Deals) – pretty sweet deal for those who have the 8Mbps plan on Comcast! Guess what! I got bumped up to 8Mbps for FREE! Yes! I didn’t even know that. All 4Mbps customers got bumped to 6Mbps and all 6Mbps got bumped to 8Mbps. Pretty sweet for only $35/mo.

Congratulations on giving yourself the competitive edge with Comcast 8Mbps High-Speed Internet with Game Invasion

There’s just one more step you need to take to activate your IGN Founders’ Club Membership, included FREE with your Comcast High-Speed Internet subscription.

This IGN Founder’s Club Membership will give you premium access to fileplanet, gamespy, and IGN. You can disable ads, get instant access to private servers for downloads, and no more restrictions on how much you can download! Pretty sweet deal for those who already have Comcast or live in the Comcast serviced area.

ign founders club


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