Database Problems

Sorry for the down time and several of you have notified me of the problem. Apparently, after a bit of debugging and troubleshooting, it turns out that my MySQL databases were linked through which is no longer registered. I had only gotten that domain because DreamHost provided a free domain registration. They’re currently holding a deal where you get $88 off your first year! Remember to use the coupon code: DREAM88. I told DreamHost that I didn’t want to continue the registration since it was only free the first year and I already had and under my belt. What I didn’t remember was both my blog and gallery pointed to the database in The registration ended earlier this month, but took full effect sometime early this morning (before I slept), but it was going on and off. At first I thought it was just some server problems, but they responded to me that there’s nothing wrong with the server which my database is hosted on, I started debugging and noticed the domain issue. So now I’ve relinked the database using a current domain and things should be fine when the DNS starts to propagate.

So both my Blog and Gallery should be running in full power now. Please let me know if you do hit any more issues.

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