Automatic Driving

Honda Accord ADAS auto-pilot system takes the reins (from /.) – Well now Honda UK is taking it to another level with their Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) that not only regulates your speed, but manages the turning, allowing you a full auto-pilot system for your Accord when you’re out on the freeway. The Adaptive Cruise Control is your regular radar variety, but the Lane Keep Assist System keeps you headed in the right direction by using a camera on the rear-view mirror to watch the white lines and turn accordingly. Honda was quick to point out that their system isn’t exactly set up for you to take a nap, since the ADAS system will beep every 10 seconds to make sure you’re paying attention, requiring you to touch the steering wheel to inform the car you’re still in charge, but we’re sure someone is going manage an accident and an ensuing lawsuit or three out of this “convenience”.

There has been a lot of questions regarding who should be liable in the case of an accident and in a previous blog post of mine, I said it should be part of the insurance’s coverage. I believe if automatic driving did come into existance, insurance companies would need to change their model. With little accidents occuring, the driver’s premium should drop significantly. There are 2 solutions that may fix this problem.

1. Have car manufacturers buy insurance that would take care of the accidents that occur which in turn would add cost to the car.
2. Do not bother lowering the insurance rates for end-users, but the additional funding will be used for such cases and the car manufacturers will be off the hook.

Yet another example on how our judicial system can only try to catch up to technology.

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