Hopefully today I’ll be able to do a Random Crap for you guys.

I went shopping today. Yes, for clothing. There’s a morale event for us and we’re going snow tubing tomorrow and I didn’t have any snow clothing up here with me besides my jacket. Went out and got myself a pair of waterproof pants and a beanie. I was shocked at how many people that didn’t know what a beanie was. What else do people call it?

I first went to Ross and asked a guy if they carried beanies and he goes “What?”. I then mention it was like a hat and made a motion with my hands as if I were pulling a beanie over my head. He goes, “Oh… If we have them, they’ll be in that corner or in one those baskets.” They didn’t have any. I then went to Marshall’s and asked another lady if the had beanies. She gave me a weird look and I mention it was a hat and did the beanie motion again. She goes, “If we have any, it’ll be in one of those baskets.” Turns out they had quite a few, not a lot, but more than a just few selections. At the register, it was the same lady again and she goes, “What did you call these again?” I said beanie.

It was fun shopping experience. Took an hour break from work. I didn’t find everything I wanted though. I was also looking for waterproof shoes or something to protect my shoes from water, but it turns out those anti-water coatings don’t exactly work for tennis shoes that well and will leave a yellow tint. Also, I was told it would protect against rain, but if I was going to be using them on snow, I might as well invest in a pair of snow boots cause the spray was obviously not going to be that effective.

Oh well. I was also told I could wear a plastic bag over my socks. Hehe.

Random Crap:

Lawmaker’s wife told to leave during Bush speech“She was ordered to leave the gallery, because she was doing … what the president said we should all do,” Young said. “She had on this shirt. A very conservative shirt, long sleeves, high neck, but it says support our troops.” George W. Bush sure is sending mixed messages. Try googling failure or click on I’m Feeling Lucky after entering failure as your query (from LilxPsyduck). Guess what the first result is: Biography of President George W. Bush

Dutch government to back cheap medicinal weedPatients seeking pain relief may soon be heading for the Dutch city of Groningen to buy affordable and potent medical marijuana in the country’s first pharmacy specialising in the pungent weed.

‘Widow’ Downs 26 Grilled Cheese SandwichesA 100-pound woman ate 26 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes Wednesday at a New York restaurant, winning the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship. First the hotdog eating contest, now the grilled cheese sandwich eating contest… SKINNY PEOPLE ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!

Talkman makes debut as latest language assistant software (from /.) – A new software named Talkman is the latest addition to an assortment of translation devices marketed in Japan to help people traveling abroad or those who want to rely on machines to strike up a conversation with foreign visitors. The software put on sale by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc in November for Sony’s PlayStation Portable gaming system is designed to enable better communication between Japanese people and visitors who speak English, Chinese or Korean. Here are the related reviews: IGN and GameSpot. Someone on /. commented: It is rumored that the bluetooth ear piece resembles a small yellow fish.. The user by placing the earpiece into their ear canal can now understand all language, and though logic unbeknownst to us, disproves the existance of god. If you don’t get the reference, go read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or watch the movie.

Japanese men declare ‘Wives Day’ to show they care group of Japanese men hoping to encourage the nation’s legions of workaholic husbands to head home early and show their wives some appreciation have proclaimed Tuesday “Beloved Wives Day”. The group, which calls itself the “Japan Doting Husbands Association”, urged men to get home by 8 p.m. and say thanks to their wives for all they do. What about “Beloved Husband Day” to honor the husband who has been working so hard to support the family? Or is everyday a “Beloved Husband Day” except Tuesday? ;p

Man in Pokey After Reporting Purloined PotAn [sic] man who called police to report the theft of a quarter-pound of marijuana was arrested when police recovered the bag of pot and then invited him to come to the Public Safety Building to identify it. Sigh… Should we just let natural selection help us get rid of the idiots?

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview (from SD) – Check out what the next version of IE is going to look like. To me, it’s just a FireFox clone, but maybe, just maybe, they won’t have FireFox’s memory leak problems.

Road rage in Kensington (from Deadlock) –

…Although I am a courier, I was WALKING my bike up Augusta when the incident took place. He was driving and opened his door (while driving) and yelling profanities he threw his beef patty on a bun out of his door. I walked over to his car, and right or wrong, I opened the door and “gave” him back his food (which he MUST have dropped by accident!) He then lost it, and jumped out of his car and threw 2 large Timmies at meand then grabbed me by my helmet and tried to toss me around a bit.It was at that point that my bike lock key (that I wear on a bracelet around my wrist) scratched his car. I have read all the postings about people sympathetic to the car driver due to the expense of repairing the scratch but sorry folks, i doubt that it will cost him anything to repair as it was a 1.2cm mark in the clearcoat only(did not damage the paint) but regardless a scratch none the less. Then with some “encouraging” from some helpfull bystanders he got in his car and drove away…or so I thought! People were comming up to me and saying that I should have him charged but at that point I just figured I had made my anti-littering point and and eye for and eye with the coffee shower, I mean I did throw that patty right. But just as I was getting on my bike to ride home he came running back and thats when the photos start. He had driven half a block and decided that the scratch was worthy of a more thorough beating I guess.
And as for the police charging him…. He took off in his car as soon as he heard the sirens….they chased him down but it is not a crime to leave the scene. They were going to charge him with a variety of things including assult with a weapon x2, mischief x2, aggravated assault, etc, but the police informed me that if I went ahead and placed those charges then they would have to charge me with mischeif for the scratch.

Check out the enlarged images here.

A weekend with four Aussie men – priceless?How much would you pay for a weekend with four Aussie men, a barbecue and a few beers? How about A$16 million (7 million pounds)? … “We won’t fly you here. Heck, we won’t even pay for your bus fare. What we WILL do is guarantee you some beers, some snags, some good conversation and a hell of a lot of laughs,” the men said in their sales pitch on eBay.

Car-clamp hero extends campaign (from MS newsgroup) – A self-styled superhero who battles against wheel clampers has brought his saw-wielding campaign to the West Midlands. The man, known only as Angle-grinder Man (AGM), patrols the streets offering motorists help removing clamps

so many computer parts
SO MANY COMPUTER PARTS! ~DROOLS~ (from Artemyst through アニメダウンロード万歳!)

Fear of Girls (from /.) – True Love is but a +2 Broadsword away. Hilarious parody of what D&D players are like in real life. You need to check out this video. You can check out more stuff from them at their homepage: YngTurkFilm.

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