Watched Bubble sometime last week with CDMcc and Elizabeth. You can watch the trailer here. IMDb users gave it a rating of 6.8. The movie was interesting and beautifully shot, but it was an independent film and pretty low budget, so it might not appeal to everyone. But the story was moving and once again, real human connections.

The release of bubble was also quite interesting.

‘Bubble’ buzz
Bubble: Sold Out!
‘Bubble’ DVD upends distribution channels

The basic jist of it was simultaneous release of the movie in theaters, on TV, and on DVD. They offered the incentive of 10% of all DVD profits will be split among the theaters that decide to air the movie. Landmark I believe was the only chain that decided to air the movie, because all the other major chains believe that by releasing the DVD at the same time will create competition which they wouldn’t want to waste a screen for. According to the reports, the movie made $70,000 on opening weekend, a little short from what they had estimated, but their DVD sales were overblown from their original calculations. You can actually purchase the DVD from Amazon.com.


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