Final Fantasy VII

So I finally beat the game. Didn’t really do much of the side quests as I later found out. Didn’t even get any of my characters ultimate weapons nor level 4 limit breaks. Just a bunch of Ultima and Comet 2 and Bahamut Zero and Neo Bahamut. I was actually expecting Sephiroth to be a lot harder since my characters weren’t exactly optimal and I was frantic they didn’t give me a save point anywhere near the end of the game which meant if I lost I’d have to defeat Jenova and both Sephiroths again.

The game was entertaining and I finally saw how the movie Advent Children and the game connected. One of my 1st questions regarding Advent Children was what the heck were those colorful crystal balls? If I had played FF7 at all, I would’ve known they were material.

It turns out the move that Cloud uses to defeat Kadaj was the Omnislash, a limit break which I did not get because it costed too many BP (battle points), but I did get to see it in action when I defeated Sephiroth with it.

Also, the intro scene with Red XIII and 2 cubs running is the epilogue after the ending credits in the game. I’ve compared the 2 scenes and they’re almost identical, but I think the cubs were cuter in the original game. Here are some pictures for comparison:

Advent Children:
ff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogue

In game FMV (from Final Fantasy Shrine)
ff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogueff7 epilogue

I had tried to look for the video online, but didn’t have much success. I did find the ending video though if you’re interested.

It turns out the video is on the CD just as an avi, so I uploaded it to my gallery: Final Fantasy VII – Epilogue. For some reason, the hue is extremely red. When I watched it in the game, it wasn’t that red and in fact looked pretty much like the pictures I posted above. I wonder if there’s actually 2 set of videos or maybe they’re using another codec to display the avi.

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