Snow Tubing

I never did get to tell you how my Snow Tubing event went. It didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would be. Playing in the snow is always fun (unless you saw my 5yr old video when a snow ball was thrown into my face). Haha. So yah… let’s end that story there. Anyway, it was quite tame. How it worked was there were about 10 seperate slopes blocked off from each other by a 3ft (?) wall of snow. You basically start at the top and slide straight down. Head first, feet first, on your belly, on your butt, on your back, they don’t really care.

When you’re at the bottom, you can clip your tube to this line tugging thing and it’ll pull you back up to the hill. There was a 5 minute line, so we decided to walk up the hill. Oh how wrong we were. By the time we got to the top, I had to take off my jacket because it was just too hot. It was very tiring walking up that hill, so yah, we used the line tugging thing every time afterwards. We also threw snowballs at each other on our way up. I realized how weak I was when my snowballs couldn’t get too far.

After a couple more dives, I decided it was time to stop. Plus there was free hot chocolate, apple cider, and coffee back at the lodge. There were also chests full of candy and trail mix and granola bars. Couple of us just chatted for awhile and waited for time to go. When Jeremey came in, he was totally soaked. Apparently he wasn’t really planning on coming, but a couple of people convinced him and Tekman to join us, and he went snow tubing in regular clothes.

The morale event used to be skiing, but someone got hurt really bad and was paralyzed for a year, so they changed it to a event with a smaller chance of injury like snow tubing.

You can check out the photos I took. It’s a pretty weak album, but I didn’t really want to damage my camera either. Although, I think it’s time for a new one. The new Canon’s have a much better LCD which I like, but I don’t want to switch to SD (Secure Digital). I still like CF (Compact Flash) a lot. There’s also 2 videos in the album, but it’s just me video it snowing, nothing too exciting.

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