Imagination is a powerful thing

So I was driving home today and on my way back, I noticed a bunch of duck crossing and deer crossing signs. Nothing out of the ordinary here in Washington. Suddenly, I noticed a dead pigeon lying on the road. By the time I realized it, I had about a second to process that information before I drove over it. I don’t know my wheels actually rolled over it, but my mind immediately started playing tricks and assumed I did. I didn’t feel any bump or anything, but the moment my wheels would’ve rolled over it, there was a bright flash in my mind and I cringed and almost swerved. For some reason, I just couldn’t focus for that few seconds. It also took some time for me to recover my composure.

Now I’m trying to remember the recent movie that had a similar line. I’m thinking it’s Oldboy when the prison owner was about to take his revenge and pretends to pluck Daesu’s teeth out with a hammer and Daesu screams. The prison owner goes, “Imagination can be such a powerful thing.”

While looking up character names in Oldboy on IMDb, I noticed there was going to be a new Oldboy movie to be released in 2006. Clicking on it revealed that it’s a remake of a Korean film of the same name, a recently paroled middle-aged man, who spent 15 years in prison without any explanation as to why he was jailed, seeks revenge on those who conspired against him. In the trivia section, it states: The original version was a Korean language film based on a Japanese comic book, will be remade by Taiwanese director from Orange County, California. I wonder if they’re going to screw this up like many of the other remakes they borrowed from Asia.

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