The New Krunk Command Center

So it turns out there’s like only 1 outlet (maybe 2, there’s a couple that hasn’t been checked yet) that works w/o any problems. I went to Fred Meyers after work today and bought one of those thick orange extension cables and am piping power from the dining room to the living room.

Here’s what my new setup looks like:

krunk command centerkrunk command centerkrunk command centerkrunk command centerkrunk command centerkrunk command center

I’ve actually used double sided sticky foam to hold down my front 2 speakers cause pushing the on/off button would always move it. The double sided stick foam didn’t work out that well for my rear speakers so I’m just using rubberbands at the moment. They seem to hold up quite well.

Along with command center, you’ll see my AT&T 900MHz phone which automatically sends to the answering machine after 2 rings (I don’t use the phone much as you can see). The phone is actually connected to my computer which I’ve installed Microsoft Fax (comes with Windows XP) so I can send and receive fax on my computer. The last thing in the chain is the Linksys PAP2 which connects my phone and computer to my VoIP provider: Telepacket, which I’m only paying $0.95/mo for 100 incoming and 100 outgoing minutes to anywhere in the United States.

On my desk, you’ll also see my iPod Nano, which syncs to my iTunes and grabs my Top Rated songs.

On the left of my desk, you’ll see my trash bin. It actually resembles the Mac OS X trash bin quite a bit! I got this back when I came up here at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Behind my computer, you’ll see my APC UPS and a bundle of wires and cables. Connected to the surge protectors, you’ll find the Linksys PAP2 (which I mentioned already), a Belkin Wireless Router, my Comcast RCA Cable Modem, and of course my subwoofer.

Next to my desk, you’ll see a rather old TV and TV stand. I haven’t touched that in months, but it’s a good place to put my DVD collection, which as you can see is starting to pile up. As for a DVD player, that TV doesn’t even support composite (red, white, yellow cables). I watch my DVDs on my computer anyway.

The last thing I’d mention is my porta-heater which is currently sitting on top of my computer and heating me up from this awful Washington cold.

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