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*** UPDATE ***
Thanks to froinlaven for bringing to my attention: Do NOT Download This Game!Thing is, the game is infested with malware. The anti-PC copy protection site Boycott Starforce has listed Trackmania Nations as a game that carries Starforce (see Luke’s post below). Starforce is hidden and installs without the user’s consent or knowledge. These unwanted drivers are even linked to system instability and computer crashes. Yuck. The removal process was pretty simple, though it did require a reboot to complete. You can follow these steps to see if you’ve been infected. You can download the removal utility provided by Online Security.

I tried out a new game a week ago called TrackMania Nations. It’s a free version of the game where you can race against other players online. You can download the game here. It seems to be a joint venture with nVidia to display how nice the graphics are. The graphics are indeed nice. It even supports my maximum resolution of 1920×1280. Unfortunately, my cpu isn’t fast enough to handle the game at that resolution, so I’m playing @ 1280×960. I haven’t tried playing online yet, but I’ve been doing the training and the graphics are just stunning!

trackmania nations
(click on full size if you want to see the image at 1920×1280)

Random Crap:

The Bar (from SkyLancer):

“The Bar” opened in 1955. It’s been moved three times. The man and his girlfriend often visisted this bar together.

“Will you love me after a hundred years?” she said.
“Hmm…. probably, if we could live for a hundred years.”
“Well…. 50 years, is it possible?”
“I think so…. Yes, I’ll promise.”
“Are you sure???? Then let’s promise this. If for some reason we are ever split apart in the future, let’s meet here again in exactly 50 years, same time, same day, same place, and then I’ll believe you.”
“Good. It’s a promise”

Since then, by a twist of fate, they split apart, and lost touch with each other. Eventually, he bought this bar. It’s a good bar. They promised to meet again at this bar, right here. After that, he can move on with his life.

A fun short little game (though it can get frustrating). It’s like one of those try to escape from this room games. Unfortunately, they found a way to hide the tab function from outlining what you can click. I got stuck about 75% of the way and had to look at the walkthrough. Apparently there’s 4 different endings, but the only difference is which wine you choose. Have fun! There’s a bunch of other flash games you can check out at Bart and Ste.

Hard Drive Clock – An interesting video where a clock is displayed by having a slit in the platter and lights flashing. More info here.

Willy the Hog Pairs With Antelope at ZooShortly after his mate went to hog heaven, Willy the Red River porcine spied a new mud-pen pal in what officials are calling one of the oddest pairings at the Los Angeles Zoo. First you have the turtle and the hippo. Now you have the pig and the antelope. Didn’t animals not get along together before? Or is this a recent phenomenon because they know the world is ending soon.

Man charged in killing over toilet paperA Florida man has confessed to bludgeoning his roommate to death with a sledgehammer handle and a claw hammer after an argument that started over an empty roll of toilet paper, authorities said Tuesday. That’s why I have spares at every toilet!

Would-be rock star plunges from bed to deathA teenage guitarist got so carried away while bouncing up and down on his bed mimicking a rock star that he flew out of a third floor window to his death, a Singapore newspaper reported Wednesday. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but imagining the scene is so funny!

Bash Quote (from Tera):

<vai> My mom is like, deathly afraid of worms and she saw one on the sidewalk
<vai> so she made me go get it and she went inside the house, so I went in the house with the worm in my hand
<vai> and she yelled my name and told me to get rid of it, so I threw it outside I came in the house
<vai> she called me an asshole and a son of a bitch
<vai> so I was like “son of a bitch?” she said “shut up, you’re adopted go away”
<vai> =(

San Francisco to test turning dog waste into powerSan Francisco, a leader in urban recycling, is preparing to enlist its canine population for a first in the United States: converting dog poop into energy. You’d think there’d be more human waste to convert to energy than dog waste…

Retired couples told cruise may sink marriageMany Japanese men who retire have spent decades living largely apart from their families as they devoted themselves to their jobs — a recipe for trouble when they decide to take extended trips abroad with their wives. “It is dangerous for couples to suddenly go on overseas trips after the husbands retire,” author Sayoko Nishida, who wrote a popular book called “Why Are Retired Husbands Such a Nuisance?” was quoted as telling Kyodo news agency.

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