pya! FLOOD

Here comes the long awaited pya! FLOOD!

Some previews:

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運動??? – Exercise???

big battle
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大決闘 – Big Battle

try defeating me
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わたしを倒してみろ!! (俺なら倒せる!!!) – Try Defeating Me!! (You will fall!!!)

(img) トイレットペーパー – Toilet Paper – reminds me of the Ferguson from Married With Children.
(img) X-Wing – is that photoshopped or is it really flying?
(vid) 人間スケボー – Human Skateboard
(img) 壁掛け時計 – Wall Clock – this clock has an awesome hour hand
(img) 遠い昔、ある美術館の中で・・・ – In a future art musuem… – Star Wars version of Temptation of St. Anthony by Salvador Dali
(img) 5匹のnya – 5 meows – a bunch of cute kittens
(flash) スーパーマリオボタン – Super Mario Button – an audiosound super-synthesizer which allows you to generate in game music and sound effects
(img) 次世代兵器 – Next Generation WeaponMitsubishi-Anaheim “PROTOTYPE 16” MSZ-006 Special Squardron Japan Imperial Navy Air Force at Okegawa airbase in Saitama Japan 1945
(vid) マスゲーム – Mass Game – a pretty neat commercial for Budweiser
(img) 【怪奇】見ると勝手に首が曲がってしまうwan画像 – [Weird] When you look at this puppies photo, your neck would tilt automatically – cute puppies!
(img) キラーwanサー – Killer Dog – reminds me of Red XIII from FFVII
(img) 今が買い時 – Time to buy – would you like your Pepsi served hot?
(img) スーファミ – Super Famicon – wonder if this is real and or if it’s just a shell. it’d be sweet if it can play SNES games on this portable system.
(vid) ハンティングゲーム – Hunting Game – spider tries to attack the mouse pointer on screen
(img) ニモ – Nemo – some neat 3D tilings. I always wished they’d show what it looked like from the other side
(img) トリックアート – Trick Art – another one of those where you have to look from a particular point to see
(vid) んんんんんんッ(((`・ω・´)))プルプルプルプル – Sumo Robots
(img) ヒトフデ・ジブリ – Nausicaa – drawn w/o lifting the pencil
(img) 抱きしめたい – Want to hug – cute baby kangaroo!

More to come tomorrow!

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