pya! FLOOD

Yet another pya! FLOOD.

You might see a lot of chocolate photos, the reason being that this section of pya! occurred around Valentine’s day.

Here’s some preview:

「壁掛け時計」をインスパイヤ – “Wall Mounted Clock” Inspire – the clock actually displays your system clock time

(vid) ぞうさん – Elephant Surprise – why you should never risk being test subject for stage performers, especially when they’re elephants
(vid) さわれないnya… – Can’t Touch… – cute cat shown a series of cat funnies
(img) 現在増殖進行中 – Currently Multiplying – amazing at the number of 7-11s in Japan
(img) 5匹のnya – 5 kittens – pretty cute
(img) (nya)ぱくっ♪ ぴとっ♪ zzZZZ zzZZZ – Singing and Sleeping Kittens
(img) 液晶テレビ? – LCD? – haha, a ghetto rig to get the TV mounted inside the wall, or in this case, through it
(img) 不可能物体(自作編) – Impossible Object (Original Structure) – is there a trick to this?
(img) 手芸 – Handicraft – even my funky hands can’t do that, maybe Mechy can
(vid) 実写スーパーマリオ – Real Super Mario Bros. – haha, this is hilarious!!
(img) カードの切り方が人生だ。- Cuttng the Card is Life. – if photo is real, amazing what this guy is capable of doing simultaneously
(vid) pya!更新5分前キターー!! – 5 Minutes of Anger – my guess is he’s playing some MMORPG
(img) ヘイ!タクシー! – Hey! Taxi! – I find this an interesting way to get cars to slow down. when drivers see what resembles to be human-like figures, we tend to slow down as if t was instinctual
(img) 看板の思う壺 – Look at the Poster*NOT WORK SAFE* interesting advertisement for a lingerie store (or what I think is a lingerie store…)
(img) マトリックス – Matrix – sprite version of the garage scene where Morpheus battles the twins
(img) 巧の業 – Carving Skills – you know you’re famous when a doll is based off of you
(img) おっぱい – Breasts*NOT WORK SAFE* chocolate breasts
(img) 二人の愛が溢れ出るクマー – 2 People’s Overflowing Love Bear – i thought the knife was a nice addition and the heart shape blood was nice
(img) クッキー – Cookie – in the shape of Mario sprite and mushroom sprite
(img) 何人用ですか? – How many people can it fit? – limosine version of the motorcycle
(vid) 不可能物体 – Impossible Object – here’s the video showing of how the card is actually interlaced. I wonder if it was actually created like that
(img) 恋人用 – For Sweetheart – a second straw hole that says: For Your Partner
(vid) 一瞬で水から氷に – Instantly from Water to Ice – that’s just how cold it has to be before they’re allowed to cancel a dog race
(img) マリオ64 – Mario 64 – 64 different Mario sprites
(img) 小さな獲物nya – Small Insect – the picture has a nice tone about it with everything white including the cat, but the ladybug is red
(img) SAMURAI – the Star Wars version of The Last Samurai
(img) ドキドキハラハラ・・・ – CHU CHU… – puppy moter monorail
(img) 寒すぎて頭に来たので… – Coldness has reached the Head – -18° fucking cold
(img) 芸術家 – Artist*NOT WORK SAFE* female trouble – when kids learn to draw nude woman
(img) パラソル – Parasol – a choclate umbrella!
(img) 脱糞 – Samurai Statues


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