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So I decided that my bookmark toolbar real estate was getting expensive, so I was wondering what I could do to give it more real estate. I saw a bunch of browser screenshots from other people, and saw a couple where no name was next to the icon, but instead the user would use the image of the icon (usually called the favicon – mine is detective conan) and I thought that was interesting. I’ve been doing that for some time now and I can have so much more bookmarks on my toolbar, it’s amazing.

However, I’m a bit irked with sites that don’t have the favicon setup, so I have to leave the name next to it. Then I remember there used to be something I can do to change the icon, even if the site didn’t have one. I googled for it and found: Favicon Picker, however this version wasn’t compatible with the latest Firefox 1.5. In one of the comments, it pointed to Favicon_Picker 0.3.0 is available for Firefox 1.5 Beta. This version worked! and now I can update all my icons and removed their names.

My precious bookmark real estate is back! I know it didn’t matter on my Dell FPW2405 24″ LCD, but on my laptop that has a 12″ LCD and can only run at 1024×768, bookmark real estate gets precious.

Here’s a piece of what my bookmark toolbar looks like:

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