Final Fantasy XII – Opening Movie

Final Fantasy XII – Opening Movie (from Esca). Graphics are really pretty. Several of the aliens remind me of the ones from Star Wars. Not too sure what the story is going to be, but the video was fun and pretty to watch.

The link provided above is actually a recompressed version so it’d fit on PutFile. Do note the actual file size is 120MB. You can download the torrent here.

I’m currently in the process of recompressing it down to 100MB so I can upload to RapidShare. Link will come shortly.

*update* Here’s the direct download link as promised. Do note the video was recompressed to 95MB so I didn’t have to split the video into 2 seperate archives. That way you can download it without waiting 70 or 80 minutes before you can start downloading the 2nd part using the free account. I used Super v2006 and recompressed it using the H.264/AVC video codec at 1776kbps and mp3 codec at 48khz 128kbps. Quality difference is actually minimal, though still discernable.

I had actually tried to use VirtualDub before that, but was hitting into problems where the ffdshow codecs were giving me a: Cannot start compression: An unknown error occurred (may be corrupted data). (error code -100). DivX 6.1 worked, but I was having this weird echoing effect. Tried many ways to fix it including finally splitting the audio and video and saving it in raw formats and then muxing them together again. Finally gave up and decided to use Super v2006 as stated above.

So apparently the game’s already out for the PS2 in Japan. Torrents are already available if you follow my “drift”.

I’ve decided to re-encode it into wmv and upload it to my gallery: Final Fantasy XII – Opening Movie. Enjoy!

Random Crap:

The Great Escape (from /.) – You’re trapped in a high tech Spanish slammer, crawling through real tunnels, behind real bars. First-person gameplay breaks out of the box. … This medieval-looking electric chair sits deep inside an old bank in Madrid. The building has been remodeled to house La Fuga, a real-life role-playing game. Think of La Fuga (The Escape) as a $20 million cross between Halo and laser tag. The goal is simple: Decipher visual riddles to navigate and escape Mazzina, a high tech prison. This actually sounds really fun and only costs 15€ for 3 lives.

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