Xbox 360 Hacked

Xbox360 DVD Firmware Hacked – Video (from /.) – Months of hard work have come to an end. The 360 FW security details were posted a few days ago already, so why not make it official 🙂 It’s been done. … And no, the team decided not to release a hacked FW. The security details are proof itself. The team advocates hacking, not piracy. You can read the replies in the thread. Direct download of the original video is available on RapidShare. What they show in the video is an opened Xbox360, a burnt copy of Project Gotham Racing 3, and how they booted up the copy and the game started. Nothing too fasicinating. No explosions, but just a proof of concept as they stated.

I’m still waiting for Costco to carry stock for the 360 before I purchase one.

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