Jail vs Community Service

Break the law and live by a beach – Article was interesting, but it brought up a point I wanted to comment about: The 2.6 square km (1.0 sq mile) Bastoy island offers its 115 “residents” cross-country skiing, tennis and horse-riding, but before the inmates can slope off to practise their serve or head to the beach for a swim, there is work to do on the farm.

I’ve always thought jail was the most stupidest form of punishment. They get locked up and live OFF the expense of tax payers. I agree there are some corner cases where psychos do need to get locked up, but most of the time, instead of having us pay for their meals and shelter, why not have them contribute back to the community for what they’ve done? It’s basically cheap service provided to the community which they’ve done wrong to. Having the community forgive them for what they’ve done on the other hand is different question, but at least they’ve tried redeem themselves from their wrongdoing.

And studies have always shown that incarceration doesn’t work correctly most of the time. Another interesting point is when jailed people come back out looking for jobs, it’s very difficult for them to find work having a “record” as they say. By doing a good job with community service, they can even get a recommendation letter from whoever is the officer overwatching them.

Just my 2 cents.

Random Crap:

Cambodia by Julian Li (from MS newsgroup) – I spent two and a half rollercoaster days of highs and lows in Cambodia. Some of the experiences here are now seared into my conciousness forever changing the way I look at life as well as certain aspects of what I believe in. In truth, I nearly deleted this gallery as it was painful to recall back the memories months ago, but then thats not going to help the kids here. I hope some good comes to the children from my photos, and maybe someone with financial power can come to help. Does anyone know Bill Gates? The pictures were beautiful and touching and shot very well. You can see more of his photo projects at www.julian.li.

Nerd caught Playing W.O.W World of Warcraft (with himself) (from Esca) – NOT WORK SAFE! Splitting the word “playing” and “with himself” tricked me.

The Ladies Bathroom (from Cari) – NOT WORK SAFE! A cute little animated cartoon about what really goes on in the ladies bathroom.. When women refer to objects such as lipstick, chocolate, or even horoscopes, do note those are names for their ‘vibrators’, just like how men have names for their *cough*

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunkThe first sting operation was conducted recently in a Dallas suburb where agents infiltrated 36 bars and arrested 30 people for public intoxication, said the commission’s Carolyn Beck. Getting drunk in a bar is considered public intoxication?!?! Guess the only place left to get drunk is in the comfort of your own home.

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank (from Panzer) – Although a bit ugly, for $20 grand, you can own your own tank!

ThinkPad X60 laptopThe X series is the Thinkpad ultra-portable lineup, which consists of a single spindle design. The Thinkpad X60 is the current incarnation, and our model sports a Intel Core Duo T2400 CPU clocked at 1.83GHz, Intel GMA950 graphics, and a 2.5″ SATA drive. (Note: this is a different model than the X60s, which, while lighter, utilizes a lower-voltage Core Duo L2300 CPU and lacks the fingerprint scanner). It weighs in at a svelte 3lb (depending on configuration) and claims to have quite an impressive battery life. An optional dock can hold a second battery and/or an optical drive. Drools… I was originally thinking my next upgrade would be to a Thinkpad X41 (or is the X42 out?) which is the tablet version, but now that the X60 is out… I dunno… It’s just as light: 3lbs!!!

Viagra for stallion who wouldn’t horse around…And when the stallion was given the potency drug, it emerged he was fully functional, he added.

Windows Vista delayed into January 2007 – Immediately after this announcment was made, Microsoft stock drop from 2.56% in after-market trade. It dropped from $27.74 and I believe today it opened today at $27.08. Let’s just say I’m happy I sold my stocks a few days ago. =)

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