I was skimming through McDull, the Alumni and found this really cute pig. This movie wasn’t really a cartoon, but had snippets of cartoons in the middle. Apparently, the previous 2 McDull releases were all animation: My Life as McDull and McDull, Prince de la Bun.

The skits were just too cute that I thought I’d share. Do note, all the clips are in Cantonese, so you might find them as funny as I did.

McDull, the Alumni 01 – If George Washington was a pig, cherry tree was a chicken, and his mom a sarcastic.
McDull, the Alumni 02 – Pig who doesn’t like to wear pants
McDull, the Alumni 03 – Pig decides to grow up to be an OL, because they don’t need to wear pants
McDull, the Alumni 04 – Pig imagines what it’d be like to be an OL during his bus ride. He begins to sing a really funny song.
McDull, the Alumni 05 – Pig’s mom convinces him that it’s not practical to be an OL, so he decides to be a life guard, since the only pair of pants he owns are swimming trunks.
McDull, the Alumni 06 – The principal of the school gives his thanks over a hotpot with the students and students’ parents.

There was one additional clip I thought I’d share, where an office worker fries and egg with his CPU heat. What was the things hidden in his cdrom? One thing I did noticed was they used a shuttle!


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