The Missing Piece

So I finished putting the Empire State Building together today. But guess what… it appears I’m missing a piece (either lost or was never there). Which really sucks about puzzles because that last missing piece is what’s stopping you from actually completing the puzzle. You spend x-hours trying to put this together, and only at the end you realize you can’t. The funny thing is if I had known I was missing a piece before I started, I would have never started to begin with.

I went through the extra foam pieces which were told to be trash, hoping to find the missing piece, but no luck there either.

But here’s what the completed puzzle looks like:

puzz 3d - empire state buildingpuzz 3d - empire state building

You can check the rest of the images in my gallery album. That last photo was my attempt to show it glow in the dark, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. It does in fact glow in the dark, but very lightly, and it’s not like glow in the dark green, but more like the night few of the Empire State Building, where some light is coming from the windows. You can spot the missing piece in this image:

missing piece

HAHA! I found the missing piece!!! I was going through the extra foam one last time before I threw it away and BAM, there it was! My Empire State building is now complete.

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