Second Lego Championship – TV Champion 2005

Aircraft carrier entirely made of Lego (from Esca) – It’s amazing how detailed it is. Anyway, I pasted this link around to some friends and then was told of this Lego Championship. After watching a short video clip and looking at pictures, I was in utter amazement.

You can watch a 10 minute clip of the Second Lego Championship – TV Champion 2005 at YouTube. The entire episode will be posted later in this entry. The championship was held in Denmark (where Lego’s originate from).

You can view images of the contenders at Let’s LEGO. Just scroll to the bottom, and below Final – Jack-in-a-box! Surprising LEGO contest, you can find the four contenders:

Friendship between Denmark and Japan
Let’s go to the Earth Park!
Viking Train
Future City

My favorite was the Let’s go to the Earth Park! as was everyone else. Haha. I hope that didn’t spoil it for you. The mushroom houses were awesome and the animals were just too cute! That never ending escalator was also a really neat addition.

More images can be found at TV-Tokyo.

You can download the entire TV episode from D-Addicts: torrent available. It’s 600 megs. I’ve compressed it down to 100 megs which you can download off rapidshare. The episode itself is over an hour long (without commercials I believe).

I’ve uploaded the video onto my Gallery, so enjoy! Second Lego Championship – TV Champion 2005 (if watching in a browser, may take some time to start)


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