Expired Food

Do note this post may produce gross images in your head, so be forewarned!

So several days ago, I left work past 10pm and I didn’t especially feel like fast food (since I had Wendy’s the night before). Came home, looked into the fridge and cupboard, and my options were cereal (actually ran out of milk), battered halibut (fish from fish and chip), mozzarella sticks, hash browns, chicken nuggest, spicy chicken wings, or sandwich.

I looked at my bread and it had expired 1.5 weeks ago, so I thought I might as well try to finish it up. I looked in the fridge. I had peanut butter and strawberry preserves. Then I had egg. I looked at the eggs and the expired mid-february. So I thought I really needed to get rid of those. Made myself several fried egg sandwiches. Felt pretty good going down, but felt really bad coming out. Well, the good thing is it came out through the correct hole. The bad thing was it was all liquid. Not just for one day, but it’s been a few days already and at least it’s starting to get mushy. I don’t really have any stomachache or anything. It’s just that my solid waste (or what used to be solid) is now in liquidy form. And when I need to go, I REALLY NEED TO GO!

I highly doubt it was the bread, since no green stuff is growing on it yet. The egg did seem more thick than usual. So for future reference, I’ve got to give a shorter “expired period” to use eggs or start putting them in the freezer.

Random Crap:

Apple, Bose, Dell tops in consumer electronics brand trustMicrosoft faces big consumer defection risk. One measure of consumers’ dissatisfaction with Microsoft is seen in the 5.4 million households that give it a brand trust score of 1 [distrust a lot] or 2 [distrust a bit]. Compared with all Microsoft users, these at-risk users have higher income, are much more likely to be male, and are bigger online spenders. These households know they run Microsoft software but would be just as happy to leave it behind — if they could. I find it hilarious where Microsoft is located on that chart, all alone in the bottom left corner where it had the least brand trust with users and the least brand potential.

Expression Crew – Marionnette Show (from MsticAzn) – A pretty cool video. Reminded me of our Calculus Airbands, but quite professionaly done. After some digging around, I found out their homepage: BBoy Master. The team is named Expression Crew and is led by WooSung. However, all the video links on their site are dead, so if anyone finds a higher quality version than YouTube, please let me know. Thanks!

It was brought to my attention from several people that the music from the above video was taken from the Amelie: Original Soundtrack Recording from the movie Amélie. Might be time I get the album myself!

I believe all the music on that soundtrack was composed by Yann Tiersen. The tracks that were used include: (click to preview the track)

I also found someone who had a better quality of the original video to upload to rapidshare: ExpressionShow2006.avi (from ichidahero). Enjoy!

iGod | Artificial Intelligence Chat (from Artemyst) – Chat with an AI God. Repenting made easy. Was fun for a few minutes.

Blast away fat with ultra sound! (from RayAlome) – Check out this video, where in just a 1 hour session, you can use ultrasound to blast away 1″ of fat. I’m curious if it actually works. No surgery required.

Teen truant exposed by “burglar” boyfriendWhen officers arrived, the girl’s mother told them the room belonged to her 15-year-old daughter who was at school. Further investigation revealed the mother was wrong. “She wasn’t looking at school books, she was in bed with her boyfriend and was presumably learning something else,” Frankfurt police said in a statement.

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