Happy Birthday CDMCC!

Just wanted to wish my 3 yr roommate and still an awesome friend a Happy Birthday.

Liam, Vandel, and Brenna are up here to celebrate his birthday. They flew in Thursday night and leaving on Sunday. It’s been a blast so far, but as everyone noticed, the amount of drinking has dropped big time. Maybe it’s because people are getting older or maybe because they finally realize that beer tastes nasty. CDMCC actually finished his entire glass of beer before Vandel started. CDMCC still brags about this victory all the time.

They went boating and tubing today in the lake. I didn’t have time to go since I still had a lot to do at work, but I met them up for dinner.

My memory card seems to have died. Thankfully, I recently bought another 1GB CF card for $3 after rebate.

Real Life Nintendo Games

Mario “Live” (from Deadlock) – Golden Goose – A yearly talent show held at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. This video is a “live” performance of a level from the game, Super Mario Brothers. Pretty nice skit of Super Mario Bros. Reminds me of the trick the Ping Pong Matrix used (people dressed in all black to hide in the background). Apparently another group imitated this: Camp Harlam Matrix Ping Pong. They also had another cool video listed: Smooth Criminal.

Mike Tysons Punch out in real life (from Eddo) – a real live version of the classic Punch Out. The cool thing about this one is that they have a real live orchestra/band (5 or 6 people playing the background music).


So I’m watching this new Chinese TV Drama [仙劍奇俠傳] as I was saying a few days ago. It’s also been what’s keeping me away from writing my blog.

Anyway, the characters are ever so annoying, but I guess that’s why I love 24. (Imagines stabbing Chloe and that other female that started working under Chloe). Did you notice, that the guys in 24 are always so cool, and the females are always the ones getting into trouble and being annoying. I mean think about the main guys: Jack Bauer, Bill Buchanan, Curtis, Mike Novik, David Palmer, Logan, Heller, Christopher Henderson, Aaron Pierce (please forgive my misspellings of their names) vs the main females: Audrey, Chloe, Mrs. Logan, Kim (I’m so happy Kim is getting so little time this series), etc. Logan was getting a bit annoying, until you find out the truth. I do have to say that Chloe has gotten better, but just when I thought I’d give her another chance, she comes out and screws up again. Though Karen (that Homeland Security head of CTU now) may be a female worth respect.

Which reminds of the most retarded techno-babble I’ve heard in the last episode: “I can trace the physical location by looking at the binaries.” It’s been most painful phrase to my ear in awhile.

Anyway back to the topic. I wanted to share this mp3 from 仙劍奇俠傳 which I’d think you’d enjoy.

Download mp3: 永恆的記憶 (殺破狼演奏曲)

Do remember, I love soundtrack music that goes well along with the scene, especially music that can be powerful and stir up emotions.


Some anime episodes are currently being shared through a new bandwidth provider: GigeShare. It actually looks interesting. Similar to MegaUpload and RapidShare, but without as many constraints. GigeShare allows up to 1000MB (~1GB) per file upload, so no more splitting up the files. Files are deleted after 30 continuous days of inactivity and there’s no limit to how many downloads like YouSendIt. They still have that wait time like MegaUpload and RapidShare, but unlike those, they allow simultaneous downloads. I’ve only tested (not downloaded) 5 files at a time, though maybe they should limit 1 simultaneous download per person. Which leads to the only caveat the have, speed. Each download only gets ~20-30KB/s. Even if you have one, you’ll get that speed. If you have 5, you’ll get a combined speed of ~100-150KB/s.

Hopefully this service will stick around for awhile. The interface is decent and definitely doesn’t suck *** like MegaUpload and definitely provides more space than RapidShare. Oh yah, if you block Google Ads, the site is pretty blank. I was wondering what was wrong with the site, until I opened it with IE.

Random Crap:

TINY MUSIC MAKERS: Pt 3: The THX Sound (from /.) – “I like to say that the THX sound is the most widely-recognized piece of computer-generated music in the world,” says Andy Moorer. “This may or may not be true, but it sounds cool!” – an interesting history of Deep Note, the THX sound.

Pimp My Snack (from MS newsgroup) – PimpMySnack is a custom, banging, A1 Tip Top, jamming club fare. It’s a sandwich of fun on ecstacy bread wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge. It doesn’t get any better than this. We take Snacks to their limit, and show what they’re capable of with a little ingenuity, a little cash, and a lot of imagination. Basically they take little candies and make giant candies! I wonder if they need a taster.

parking solution
Parking Solution (from MS Newsgroup)

From Snopes.com: The photographs displayed above are real, and compact, multi-story parking structures can indeed be found in some Germany cities (such as Dresden), but in this case the two don’t go together. The structure pictured here is not a public parking garage, but rather a storage facility for newly-manufactured automobiles. It’s an inside view of one of the 20-story Car Towers at Volkswagen’s Autostadt facility in Wolfsburg, Germany, which is sort of a cross between a Volkswagen showcase and theme park. Visitors can take in the shops, restaurants, and cinemas, as well as enjoying automobile-themed attractions such as the virtual CarDesign Studio and the All-Terrain Course. You can see the actual car tower at the Virtual Tour of VW’s Transparent Factory

Funny MS KB (Microsoft Knowledge Base) articles:

A Tour of Microsoft’s Mac Lab (from /.) – Many people have asked if Microsoft uses Macs at work. This blog entry should be an interesting read for thos.

Firefox Flicks (from MS newsgroup) – looks like the videos are finally starting to come in!

Google: Da Vinci Code (from MS newsgroup) – The Da Vinci Code involves a thrilling murder investigation that unearths a secret that could change the course of history. The film opens May 19th worldwide. The quest, which began April 17th requires skill, intellect, and perseverance. Over a span of 24 days ending May 11th, you will encounter unique challenges. These daily puzzles will pull you deeper into the world of The Da Vinci Code. Answer all 24 puzzles correctly for a chance to win untold riches. Only the worthy will prevail. Looks like an interesting game. Haven’t really given it a shot yet.

Worker Locks Would-Be Robber Inside BankA gunman who tried to rob a San Gabriel Valley bank Wednesday morning found himself locked alone inside the building by a quick-thinking employee, police said. … The robber asked if she could open the vault but she said it required a second worker who would be arriving in five or 10 minutes, Taylor said. … While waiting for the second employee to show up, the robber told her “to go outside and to look around and to act as though everything was normal,” Taylor said. Sigh… another idiot robber.

Teen Inmate Gets More Time for Pot RequestA judge changed a sentence from six months in prison to eight years after a teenager convicted in a drive-by shooting wrote a letter asking a friend to take over his marijuana dealings.

Drivers run dry to beat gas pricesSome California drivers are resorting to desperate measures to beat the surge in gas prices at the pump — deliberately running dry on the state’s freeways and simply waiting for rescue. … Lujan’s 20 trucks roam the busy freeways of Orange and Los Angeles counties as part of a publicly funded patrol that gives a free gallon of gas to drivers who have run out of fuel. It also offers other basic assistance to drivers whose vehicles have broken down. It seems like they only give them 1 gallon of fuel. Personally I see that as being stupid to both the city and the driver. How much time do you idle around just to get $3 worth of gasoline? The city then also has to pay for this service through tax payers money and the next time around, tax hike, so you lose out that way. If you’re trying to make a statement, instead of running dry, buy cars that get higher mileage, or even hybrids or electric cars. And of course, there’s always public transportation. This sounds much like the people telling others to boycott specific gas stations. The gas stations won’t lose out.

Gun X Sword – Turtle Race – hilarious clip I ripped from Gun X Sword Episode 15 to show to Decathanerd. Then I thought I might as well share it with you guys. Maybe now you’ll see where my AIM buddy icon comes from.

Online Etymology Dictionary – before I’ve always used Oxford English Dictionary to get my etymologies. Apparently this site is pretty good too! and of course FREE!

azumanga fantasy x-2
Azumanga Daioh – Final Fantasy X-2 parody (from 4chan)

Size matters in macho Mexico’s electionAmong the crowing, slurs and insults being flung around in Mexico’s election race, campaign ads in this country are even competing over which candidate has the greatest manhood.

Fake paper detector (from /.) – You may remember the story of some cheeky MIT students who wrote a computer programme to generate scientific papers. Well, now some researchers at the Indiana University School of Informatics have come up with an Inauthentic Paper Detector to foil it. I’ve been meaning to give the IPD – Inauthentic Paper Detector a try, but it seems to be down at the moment. It’ll be interesting to see what happens I submit my blog entries to it or my college papers. I wonder if it can detect bullshit… *whistles*

Man kills mother, grills part of bodyA Japanese man has confessed to killing his mother, dismembering her body, and grilling part of it on an electric hot plate after she nagged him about getting a job, media reports said.

China bans tomb-sweepers’ “vulgar” burned offeringsChina has banned its citizens from burning paper models of condoms, luxury villas and karaoke hostesses when paying respect at the graves of their ancestors. Many Chinese burn paper money as a sacrificial rite to honor deceased relatives, but economic development has brought more unusual tokens of gifts for the after-life. … Over the last two years officials have discovered people burning paper offerings of the potency drug Viagra, extra-marital mistresses and even “Supergirls” — dolls modeled on winning contestants of Chinese television’s hugely popular American Idol spin-off, Mongolian Cow Sour Milk Supergirl.

Police See Paranormal Activity in PubOfficers arrived at the Low Valley Arms pub near Barnsley in South Yorkshire, 250 miles north of London, after being told the alarm had been set off, but instead of finding any signs of a robbery, they were faced with a shaken landlord convinced he had encountered a ghost with half a face missing in the ladies washroom. Though they saw no ghoul_ described as a woman in flowing white gown_ officers were shocked to find toilets flushing themselves, said Inspector John Bowler of South Yorkshire Police.

Random Crap

The Undressing Newlyweds (joke from Cari’s Blog)

jam kuradoberi kicks butt
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.
Jam Kuradoberi Kicks Butt (from Tera at 4chan)

Warner tackles Chinese piracy with cut-price DVD (from /.) – Warner Home Video has begun trial sales in China of a movie DVD priced at just Rmb12 ($1.50), a move likely to anger consumers in developed markets such as Europe and the US, who typically pay $20-$30 for a recently released film on DVD. The test sales of the modestly packaged edition of the The Aviator mark one of the boldest efforts yet by an international film company – WHV’s Chinese joint venture, CAV Warner – to adjust its marketing strategies to the potentially huge but piracy-plagued Chinese DVD market.

California man glues hands and mouths of hostagesA Southern California man took two men hostage at gunpoint, stripped them naked, bound their hands together with super glue and poured glue into their mouths, police said on Friday.

Air Force One Subject of Internet HoaxA startling Internet video that shows someone spraying graffiti on
President Bush’s jet looked so authentic that the Air Force wasn’t immediately certain whether the plane had been targeted. … The pranksters responsible for the grainy, two-minute Web video — employed by a New York fashion company — revealed Friday how they pulled it off: a rented 747 in California painted to look almost exactly like Air Force One.
You can view the original video at StillFree.com.

Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails to the HeadAn Oregon man who went to a hospital complaining of a headache was found to have 12 nails embedded in his skull from a suicide attempt with a nail gun, doctors say.

The evolution of the NetFlix envelope (from /.) – The key to Netflix’s lean operations is its lightweight, versatile mailer. Here’s how 7 years of tweaking paid off. … Years of experimentation went into creating the perfect DVD envelope. In 1999, Netflix started out with a heavy cardboard mailer. With only 100,000 subscribers, costs weren’t a concern yet. Then the company experimented with plastic envelopes, which proved not to be recyclable, and padding, which added too much to postage costs. Both top-loading and side-loading envelopes made an appearance. Click here to view the gallery directly.

Woman, 84, wins $10 mln on slot machine– An 84-year-old New Jersey woman won $10 million on a nickel slot machine in an Atlantic City casino in what the operator said Thursday was the largest prize in the city’s gambling history. … She has the option of taking the money as a lump sum of around $5.5 million after taxes, or accepting a 25-year annuity. Haha! I guess one might expect to live over 100 these days.

“Mrs Noisy” gets year in prisonA woman who made herself a minor celebrity in Japan by constantly screaming insults at passers-by and blaring out music while beating bedding on her balcony, was sentenced to a year in jail Friday for causing physical harm.

42.0 FM – All Hits All The Time

42.0 fm - all hits all the time
(image taken from HKenshin’s blog)

At first I had no idea why he posted this picture, and was actually trying to decipher what 4TRR111 meant. Either that was a custom made plate or the numbers and letters are just a coincidence. I was trying to make sense between the plate number and the 42.0 FM. After asking HKenshin what the plate meant, it turns out it was the 42.0FM that was interesting and not the plate number itself. Now that I look at it, it might even be 420FM. Anyway, it turns out no such radio station exists or maybe I should say can’t exist: Throughout the world, 87.5-108 MHz (or some portion thereof) is used as a broadcast band, with one very notable exception: Japan, which uses its own unique 76-90 MHz band with 0.1 MHz channel spacing.

Turns out that the 420 refers to the pot culture number: In North American culture, the number 420 (pronounced four-twenty) relates to the consumption of cannabis and elements of its associated culture. The exact origin of the term is unknown. Marijuana users gather on April 20 (“4/20” in U.S. dating shorthand) every year to celebrate and consume marijuana.

The wikipedia entry actually talks about the origins and I was surprised I was that the origin I was told were fake. The number 420 didn’t originate as a police code for drug bust.

Now the All Hits All The Time makes sense.


So I started watching a new Chinese TV Drama series called 仙劍奇俠傳 (Taiwan Site). There’s a bunch of annoying characters, including the main character, but it’s been somewhat fun so far. The main character also learns new moves at incredible speed, though he doesn’t seem to be that great at kung fu to begin with. Then there’s the bottomless pit scene where a girl’s falling and the guy comes and tries to rescue her. To speed up his descent, he holds a big bolder to so he could fall faster. But as anyone that knows phsycis, all things fall at the same speed. But then I guess, all kung fu dramas defy physics, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining.

Apparently, this drama is based off a Chinese RPG. Artemyst says it’s based off a novel by 金庸 (Jin Yong), but I haven’t been able to find any proof of that.

There was this quote that I really liked:

當天在靈堂上, 人人都在窃窃私語. 問到怎麼這個女孩的媽媽死了, 她連一滴眼淚都不流. 那個時候, 我真正明白到, 最痛的傷口從外面是看不到的.
Translation: [On that day at the funeral, everyone was talking privately. Asking why this little girl that just lost her mom, isn’t even shedding one tear. At that time, I realize, the most painful wounds aren’t viewable from the outside]

Also, it took me forever to find out what the hanyu pingying for 女 [female/girl]. I kept trying nu, nuu, nui, nuo, etc, but wasn’t getting the character I wanted. Turns out that hanyu pingying has a different vowel introduced. The correct way to get that character out is apparently: nv. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?!?!