The World’s Fastest Indian

Watched this movie a week ago. Another one of those feel good movies, where you know the ending only a few minutes after you start watching. Though what makes this type of movie good is not how the story ends, but how it progresses. In one sentence, the movie is about an old man journeying to the other end of the world trying see how fast his motorcycle named Indian can go. I was curious why they chose Anthony Hopkins to play an Indian. Haha.

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IMDb: 8.1/10 (1,491 votes)
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Rotten Tomatoes: RATING: FRESH / READING: 79%
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the world's fastest indian posterthe world's fastest indian posterthe world's fastest indian poster

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One thing that struck me as strange was the fact that the movie would use the term MPH (miles per hour) instead of km/h (kilometers per hour), because Burt’s from New Zealand and even in New Zealand, he was talking about how fast his motorcycle could go in MPH units. I’ve confirmed with Tera (a friend living in Australia) and the Speed Limits New Zealand, that they do in fact use km/h and not MPH. Just found that interesting. Maybe all racers like to talk in MPH instead of km/h, though wouldn’t saying speeds in km/h make you sound faster? I’m driving at 100km/h instead vs I’m driving at 60mi/h.

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