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iAlertU (from /.) – Introducing the remote controlled motion sensitive alarm system for the MacBook Pro. Utilizing the built in motion sensor technology, iSight camera and the infrared remote control your MacBook Pro can now be turned into a high tech alarm system. iAlertU is aimed at being a tamper/theft deterrent system for those times when you need to step away from your work momentarily. See video.

The most adorable spambot killer everEnter Oli, and his moment of “thinking outside the text box.” While computers are getting better and better at optical character recognition, one thing that they still have great difficulty doing is recognizing the contents of pictures. Oli, who runs a web site called ThePCSpy.com, realized that a computer would have a great deal of difficulty in telling the difference between different types of fuzzy animals. So he came up with KittenAuth, a test that requires the user to identify which three out of nine pictures contain kittens. The “3 in 9” grid leaves the poor spambot with only a one in 84 chance of randomly picking the right answer. Larger grids or number of picks can make the chances lower still. pretty darn cute!

‘Star Wars Kid’ cuts a deal with his tormentors – wow. how long ago was this posted on the web.

Chiropractor Claims He Can Go Back in TimeA chiropractor who claims he can treat anyone by reaching back in time to when an injury occurred has attracted the attention of state regulators. … While he knows of no other people who have his particular skill, he said lawmakers and regulators should allow alternative forms of treatment for the patients who seek them. I agree. People who’d fall for this should lose their money.

School Nightmare: Toilets Stop WorkingFor three hours, teachers took their classes in shifts to the other campuses while the city’s utilities crew repaired a water main break that caused the problem, said Bonham’s principal, Diane Rose. What happened to going the old traditional way where you hide behind a bush. It’s good fertilizer for the bush too!

Students lack basic financial knowledge?The study tested 5,775 12th graders in 37 states on issues such as whether stocks or bonds have higher long-term returns (stocks do), whether they have to pay taxes on interest earned on savings accounts (they do), and whether they would keep their health insurance if their parents lost their jobs (they would not). Sigh…

‘Karate kids’ rescued after Japan mountain questThree Singaporeans were found safe Thursday after getting lost on what they said was a mission to find a legendary karate expert on a snowy mountainside in Japan. Enough said.

little gamers – found this online comic strip after entering a contest. Contest date already ended, so no point of telling it here, but I found the characters of little gamers to be so adorable! They even have Kenya Lions and Tigers on the shelf in the background!

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