Surprise Visit

I got a surprise visit from Belldandy and spent most of the time chatting about his recent trip to Japan with HKenshin and Kira over sushi/sashimi and green tea. Thank you Xyon for recommending me Fuji Sushi. It was totally out of the blue. At around 6:30pm, I get an IM from Belldandy asking me if I had any plans tonight. Of course everyone could’ve guessed what followed afterwards. Turns out he’s up here in Seattle doing a project with and he’s leaving tomorrow evening.

The stories he had were awesome, but we can wait for those on his blog along with his 8MP pictures taken with his Canon EOS 20D.

Afterwards, we went back to his hotel and continue our chatting since we havent seen each other since graduation. I was trying to think of any coffee or cafe place open after 10pm, basically a cozy place one can sit down and chat, but I couldn’t think of any such place in Seattle.

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