42.0 FM – All Hits All The Time

42.0 fm - all hits all the time
(image taken from HKenshin’s blog)

At first I had no idea why he posted this picture, and was actually trying to decipher what 4TRR111 meant. Either that was a custom made plate or the numbers and letters are just a coincidence. I was trying to make sense between the plate number and the 42.0 FM. After asking HKenshin what the plate meant, it turns out it was the 42.0FM that was interesting and not the plate number itself. Now that I look at it, it might even be 420FM. Anyway, it turns out no such radio station exists or maybe I should say can’t exist: Throughout the world, 87.5-108 MHz (or some portion thereof) is used as a broadcast band, with one very notable exception: Japan, which uses its own unique 76-90 MHz band with 0.1 MHz channel spacing.

Turns out that the 420 refers to the pot culture number: In North American culture, the number 420 (pronounced four-twenty) relates to the consumption of cannabis and elements of its associated culture. The exact origin of the term is unknown. Marijuana users gather on April 20 (“4/20” in U.S. dating shorthand) every year to celebrate and consume marijuana.

The wikipedia entry actually talks about the origins and I was surprised I was that the origin I was told were fake. The number 420 didn’t originate as a police code for drug bust.

Now the All Hits All The Time makes sense.

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