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The Undressing Newlyweds (joke from Cari’s Blog)

jam kuradoberi kicks butt
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Jam Kuradoberi Kicks Butt (from Tera at 4chan)

Warner tackles Chinese piracy with cut-price DVD (from /.) – Warner Home Video has begun trial sales in China of a movie DVD priced at just Rmb12 ($1.50), a move likely to anger consumers in developed markets such as Europe and the US, who typically pay $20-$30 for a recently released film on DVD. The test sales of the modestly packaged edition of the The Aviator mark one of the boldest efforts yet by an international film company – WHV’s Chinese joint venture, CAV Warner – to adjust its marketing strategies to the potentially huge but piracy-plagued Chinese DVD market.

California man glues hands and mouths of hostagesA Southern California man took two men hostage at gunpoint, stripped them naked, bound their hands together with super glue and poured glue into their mouths, police said on Friday.

Air Force One Subject of Internet HoaxA startling Internet video that shows someone spraying graffiti on
President Bush’s jet looked so authentic that the Air Force wasn’t immediately certain whether the plane had been targeted. … The pranksters responsible for the grainy, two-minute Web video — employed by a New York fashion company — revealed Friday how they pulled it off: a rented 747 in California painted to look almost exactly like Air Force One.
You can view the original video at StillFree.com.

Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails to the HeadAn Oregon man who went to a hospital complaining of a headache was found to have 12 nails embedded in his skull from a suicide attempt with a nail gun, doctors say.

The evolution of the NetFlix envelope (from /.) – The key to Netflix’s lean operations is its lightweight, versatile mailer. Here’s how 7 years of tweaking paid off. … Years of experimentation went into creating the perfect DVD envelope. In 1999, Netflix started out with a heavy cardboard mailer. With only 100,000 subscribers, costs weren’t a concern yet. Then the company experimented with plastic envelopes, which proved not to be recyclable, and padding, which added too much to postage costs. Both top-loading and side-loading envelopes made an appearance. Click here to view the gallery directly.

Woman, 84, wins $10 mln on slot machine– An 84-year-old New Jersey woman won $10 million on a nickel slot machine in an Atlantic City casino in what the operator said Thursday was the largest prize in the city’s gambling history. … She has the option of taking the money as a lump sum of around $5.5 million after taxes, or accepting a 25-year annuity. Haha! I guess one might expect to live over 100 these days.

“Mrs Noisy” gets year in prisonA woman who made herself a minor celebrity in Japan by constantly screaming insults at passers-by and blaring out music while beating bedding on her balcony, was sentenced to a year in jail Friday for causing physical harm.

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