E3 Videos

I was going through IGN’s E3 Video Central and here’s the list that I thought were neat:

Interesting Videos:

[The following requires a subscription to IGN Insider which 8Mbps Comcast subscribers get for free: Comcast Game Invasion]

HD Videos:

Do note these are huge files, and along with some other videos for IGN’s E3 coverage, I’m at 6.5GB already. They do have fast servers, I max out my connection with 2 simultaneous downloads @ ~850KB/s. However at work, I was getting > 3MB/s (yes, that’s 3 megabytes, mean 1 min = 180 megs).

Last but not least, you can check out Halo 3’s E3 Announcement video in HD resolution (from MS Newsgroup). The one on E3 was of lower inferior quality.

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