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So I first heard of this on AnandTech, but finally got around to do this today. It takes less than ~30 minutes to do everything and everyone’s confirming that they’re getting the money.

Initially the reward was only $10, but they’ve bumped it to $20 recently.

So what is UnWired Buyer. It’s actually a pretty neat service, and they’ll probably charge to use it pretty soon. If you’ve ever done auctions, you’ll know what sniping is. Ever bid on an auction and at the very last second, someone comes in and outbids you and takes the win? Well, that’s called sniping. I used WinningBid Pro! for my snipings before, but they’ve stopped supporting the software and eBay changed its bidding mechanism. What UB (UnWired Buyer) is is a sniping service. You add auctions to your eBay watchlist, UB downloads that list and you can set a max bid on it and it’ll bid at the last possible second.

There’s also the call option which is neat. You provide your cell phone number and when the auction is ending within 3 minutes, you get a phone call which prompts you to enter a PIN you’ve set up earlier and then you get real time status as the end of the auction nears. You can hit # to bid the minimum bid, or hit in numbers to set a max bid.

There’s also the SMS text messaging option. I haven’t tried that, but seems like you’ll get a text message reminders regarding auctions on your watchlist.

There is one ceveat. You need to provide your eBay username and password. If you don’t trust this service, don’t bother doing this deal. If you’re worried, you always have the option of changing your eBay password after this (which is what I’m probably going to do).

So how do you get your $20? It’s pretty simple. Sign up for this service (see Referral Bonus below before you do) and you’ll be prompted to enter a PIN, a email address, and your eBay username and password. PIN is just a 4 digit number you can easily remember. You must enter a valid PayPal email address (this is where they’ll send the $20 bonus). What I did was created a new krunk4ever.com address and linked that to my personal PayPal account and probably will remove I receive my $20 bonus.

In order to qualify for the $20 signup bonus, you must follow these rules:

  1. To qualify for the $20 signup bonus, the user must register for UnWired Buyer and use the service to bid on an auction using their phone within 30 days. The $20 signup bonus is for new users only.
  2. New users MUST USE UNWIRED BUYER TO BID ON AN AUCTION WITHIN 30 DAYS from date of signup. This promotional offer cannot be transferred or forwarded.
  3. TO QUALIFY, USERS MUST HAVE AN EBAY FEEDBACK SCORE OF 10 OR MORE (or the user must have been a registered eBay user for over 12 months).
  4. The $20 Signup Bonus is limited to one (1) per valid eBay account.
  5. The $20 Signup Bonus is valid only to legal residents of the US and Canada.
  6. UnWired Buyer employees and their families are not eligible.
  7. UnWired Buyer reserves the right to request additional information regarding the claim and the right to confirm conformance to eBay user regulations. Any misrepresentation or fraudulent information disqualifies the bonus.
  8. UnWired Buyer, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify this offer at any time.

In other words, you’ll have a 30 day time frame to complete this offer. To complete this offer, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Add an item to your eBay watchlist.
  2. Update your UB watchlist and make sure your item shows up. (Don’t bother setting a max price)
  3. Make sure the Call Me checkbox is checked
  4. When UB calls you, enter your PIN and make a bid (hit # to enter maximum bid)

If you have nothing you want to bid on at the current moment, here’s what I ended up doing. Do a search for ebook. Cap the maximum price to $1 and search only auctions ending within the hour. You can find one that’s interesting enough or find one that’s ending the earliest, but there are TONS of ebooks that only cost $0.01 with FREE shipping. If you do win the auction, your final total is only 1 penny and you’ll earn $20 (+ $2.50 referral fee if you let me refer you).

Add that ebook auction to your watchlist and wait for the call. I chose one that ended in 15 minutes to give myself time to prepare. Make sure the item shows up in UB’s watchlist and when the auction is about to end, you’ll get a phone call. You’ll be prompted to enter you pin. They’ll ask what you’d like to do. I believe hitting ‘1’ is to bid and # is to make the minimum bid. They’ll constantly update you on the current bid amount and if you’re the highest bidder. You can really hang up at this point since you’ll get the $20 bonus no matter what. The rule was to bid and not to win. If someone else wins, it’s better for you, because now you don’t even have to pay that penny.

I’ll update you when I get my bonus. I’ve already got my email confirmation that I’ll be receiving my $20 bonus in 1-2 days (about 5 minutes after I made the bid). People claim they’ve gotten their $20 bonus within hours, but we’ll see.

So if you let me refer you, I get a referral bonus of $5. However, I’m willing to split it 50/50 with anyone who wants me to refer them. I’ll just PayPal the $2.50 when I get the money. They don’t have a generic link for me to post, so I’ll have to send you a email directly through their system. If you want a referral email, just email me or IM me or leave a comment on this page with a short message and make sure the email you use (which is hidden) is the email you want me to send the referral. This email address also has to be the email address you register with and also has to be linked to your PayPal account. I just added a new email to my PayPal account for this and will probably remove it when I get my bonus (don’t see why PayPal needs to know about my UB email address anymore or vice versa).

I made my bid ~10pm last night. I got my $20 bonus at 7am this morning. Pretty good turn around time. Took less than 9 hours to get my bonus money.

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