Gasoline Prices

gasoline prices - arm, leg, or first born
Gasoline Prices:
Regular: ARM
Plus: LEG

Photo taken from Gas station’s shocking sign of times: – Gas really does cost an arm and a leg in places these days. This weekend, a Manhattan Beach, California, gas station said the price of regular gasoline was — an arm. The price of mid-grade — a leg. The price of premium — your first born.


Speaking of which, someone posted this on a MS newsgroup: Car Powered By Water A Reality: Klein has invented the world’s first water powered car. It runs on what he calls “Aquygen.” Aquygen is water or H2O, broken down and turned into HHO gas, something scientists once thought impossible. I have no idea if this is fact or fiction, but do check out the video. There hasn’t been an entry on yet, but I’m not exactly too sure when this was first discovered. The article was written on 5/23/2006, so I’m guessing at least relatively new. This is just bizarre and quite hard for me to believe. Fox News also has a video of this: Water Fuel.

Klein first started using water and mixing it with propane to make a high power torch that wasn’t hot to touch, but could burn through metal (what the… how the.. *BEEP* *BEEP*). He later uses this same technology in his car. At first I thought it was a 100% water powered car, but it turns out to only be a hybrid currently, mixing fuel and water which is giving him 50% more mileage. The reporter claims that Klein says he’s also getting more horse power using this technology, but it didn’t seem the like the reporter really knew what the heck he was reading off the teleprompt. Klein imagines in the near future, there will be cars powered only by water and you can get 100 miles with just 4 oz of water. To give you an idea of how much that is, there’s 128 ounces per gallon. So in other words, 1 gallon of water can get you 3200 miles. Just imagine how much mileage a 15 gallon tank gives you. Some how I keep thinking my leg is being pulled. How can this be true?!?!? Wasn’t April Fools a long time ago?

Random Crap:

Today’s Japanese phrase are related to friendship:
友達 (tomodachi) – friend; companion [this is how you address your regular friends]
仲間 (nakama) – company; fellow; colleague; associate; comrade; mate; group; circle of friends; partner; [in animes, this word is used to refer to comrades who you’re willing to die for]
親友 (shinyuu) – literally means real dear friend [ this is an uncommon phrase that my Japanese IME didn’t even know. WWWJDIC also doesn’t have an entry for it ] Update: Thanks to hiro for correcting correcting my error.

Ryuu in Detective Academy Q said:
(onaji kokorozashi wo motsu nakama. iie, shinyuu desu!)
[They’re comrades who share the same will. No, they’re real friends!]

So it appears, that 真友 (shinyuu) refers to a friendship with a stronger bond than 仲間 (nakama) which is someone you’re already willing to die for. Then again, I could be pulling this out from my ***** since this is the 1st time I’ve heard it.

Another interesting world is 志 (kokorozashi). kokoro by itself is 心 (heart), but by sticking ざし (zashi) onto the end, you get a new kanji which means – will; intention; motive;
I never knew you could do that in Japanese, where you stick some more syllables at the end of a character and it’ll become a completely new character. This never happens in Chinese (well, that’s because all our characters all have 1 syllable).

Saw this on someone’s profile: “True success isn’t measured by the position you reach but by the obstacles you overcome in life.” – Evercare

I’ve seen this phrase in many shapes and forms, but is it nothing more than comfort talk? I mean, you have starting point, you have goal. If you never reach your goal, can you really say you succeeded? I know the way to your goal is definitely important, but this is like saying, “It’s okay that you didn’t make it. At least you got a lot of valuable experiences.”

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  1. “It’s okay that you didn’t make it. At least you got a lot of valuable experiences.”

    that doesn’t sound so bad if life is the journey and death is the goal. haha.

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