X-Men: The Last Stand


Went to watch X-Men: The Last Stand last night with StanMan and ChemChampion. The movie was fun, but was a little disappointing when compared to the previous. Apparently this last movie was done by a different director. The previous ones were done by Bryan Singer, while this one was done by Brett Ratner. Apparently Bryan Singer decided to work on Superman Returns instead. Anyway, the movie felt like a completely seperate story on its own and lots of events happened that left the audience hanging and thinking why the heck did he do that?

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IMDb: 7.9/10 (1,141 votes)
Yahoo! Movies: The Critics: B- / Yahoo! Users: B+
Rotten Tomatoes: Rating: 52% / Average Rating: 5.8/10
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Out of curiousity for those who read the X-Men comic, did beast wear glasses in the comic book series? RayAlome and I were discussing this earlier and I remember Beast wearing glasses, while hanging upside down reading a book, but that was from the animated series. RayAlome points out the fact that Beast’s abilities include heightened senses and should not need glasses to have even better eye sight than regular humans.

Before we went to see the movie, we decided to have dinner at CPK. It’s been awhile since my last CPK visit. The last time was probably still back in Berkeley. The pizzas and atmosphere were pretty much the same. It was ChemChampion’s first time trying pizzas with weird and random toppings. We had purchased our tickets earlier and gotten there with about 10 mins to spare. There was already a long line that formed to get in the 10:40pm showing. But we decided to split up once we were in the theater and got pretty good seats.

After the movie, we haded back to my place to play DDR (well StepMania to be exact). We actually played quite a long time. I think we started around 12:30am and they didn’t leave till around 5am. We went through quite a few bottled water and gatorades, but it was fun. I finally got to utilize both my RedOctange Ignition 3.0 Dance Pads simultaneously. I didn’t go to bed till some time past 6am, but I got all the rest I wanted by waking up today at 5pm. Hehe.

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