I honestly didn’t think the movie was a bad as what everyone was saying. Then again, I didn’t come into this movie expecting much. They’re were right to criticize this movie as more of a boxing movie than military drama. One thing I didn’t get was the trailer was totally misleading. I’ll explain more in the spoilers.

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IMDb: 3.1/10 (1,530 votes)
Yahoo! Movies: The Critics: C- / Yahoo! Users: B-
Rotten Tomatoes: Rating 11% / Average Rating: 4/10
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Some memorable quotes:

Help is like sex. Take it from whoever and whenever you can get it. – Estrada

Nance – ‘Cause, Jake, you’re my Mississippi.
Jake – I’m your what?
Nance – People who live in Arkansas, you know what their favorite state is?
Jake – No.
Nance – Mississippi. ‘Cause Mississippi’s the only thing that keeps Arkansas from being the worst state in the whole country.
Jake – I’m Mississippi.
Nance – Well, you sure as hell ain’t California. Listen, Cole and Whitaker are so busy trying to run you out, they forgot about me. As a matter of fact, they’ve forgotten about every other plebe in this whole company. That’s why I stay in this room, Jake. ‘Cause if Mississippi quits, then all of a sudden Arkansas is the worst state in the whole country.

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