Another Awesome Detective Conan Moment

First I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY OHFUEE!

Just wanted to share this clip with you. I’ve seen this awhile back, but Kaizou’s been releasing a bunch of Detective Conan fansubs recently and they’re the episodes I haven’t watched that led up to this major battle between Kudo, the FBI, and Chris Vineyard. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Here’s the video clip:

Detective Conan – But no reason is needed for saving someone

I won’t bother going into the details of how they got to this point. Chris Vineyard is about to shoot Sherry (Haibara Ai) and Ran dashes out from the trunk and as the sniper is trying to shoot her down, Ran jumps out to cover and protect Sherry. All the same time Chris is shouting to Calvados (sniper) to stop shooting. I’ve always had the impression that Chris Vineyard likes Kudo and Ran, but never knew why until now, as she reflects back to the first time they met. She was disguised as a buglar and she runs in to Ran during her escape and was about to kill her. However, she accidentally slips and was moments from falling off the building. However, Ran rescues her and she was dumbfounded and asks “Why… Why did you save me? Why?” Kudo says, “Is a reason needed? There are many reasons for killing, but no reason is needed for saving someone.” From that point forward, Kudo Shinichi (Edogawa Conan) has been referred by her as Cool Kid and Ran has been referred by her as Angel.

I won’t spoil the ending of this battle, but if you want to watch this episode, it’s episode #345 – Head-to-Head Match With Black Organization, Two Mysteries Night of the Full Moon. It’s a 2-hour special and was really fun.

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