The Final Chapter of Mario Brothers Flash Series

It’s finally out! Posted both on my old blog and recently, it turns out it’s finally released. To give you an idea of how long it’s been, chapter 4 was released on 4/27/2004. Chapter 5 was released on 6/30/2006. Looking at my blog entry, I had actually checked for this in mid-April and think I finally gave up on the final chapter.

You can visit Alexander Leon’s Official Mario Brothers Flash series website and watch the 5th chapter there. It’s also mirrored on Newgrounds.

Though this episode was great and the ending being completely unexpected (unless you rewatch the beginning of Chapter 1), I think I still liked Chapter 2 the most. It’s the same reasoning I like The Two Towers better than The Return of the King. Having a big pack of enemy charge into a fortress is always awesome. The soundtrack on that chapter was also better.

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