Wacky Alarm Clocks

First saw this on an SD thread titled: For those who oversleep, Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock $32 shipped (was $50). The product in question is the Sonic Alert SB300 Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock with Large Display. The 2 distinguishing features it has that sets it aside from normal alarm clocks is powerful 12 volt bed shaker and a loud 113db adjustable tone and volume control.

You can get a older model, the SB200 for $7 cheaper. The only difference I can see is that the display isn’t as large.

Someone also pointed this Puzzle Alarm Clock. It wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air, and then it is your task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock – it won’t turn off until then. Cost is a little bit higher at $52. Someone mentioned, “That would piss me off so much in the morning, good idea though.” and another said, “I would kill that Puzzle Alarm before I’d even attempt to find the first piece“, that would sort of be my mentality too.

Random Crap:

Unflinching Triumph – not sure if this is video is a parody, but it appears staredown is a professional sport. Not as silly as the rock paper scissors, but come on.

Just saw the trailer for Renaissance awhile and was amazed at how awesome the animation was. Definitely worth a viewing.

I’ve seen this video before: Magic Hamburgers, but never really figured out how he did his trick. Since he’s wearing a short sleeve shirt, the only way I can think of is that the hamburgers are actually coming from behind the sign.

Human Pong – don’t remember if I posted this before, but it’s somewhat neat, though it could’ve been a lot faster. Do check out the ball when it escapes through the top.

Hit the nickel, split the balls (from Deadlock) – hilarious video about how a guy boasts that he can split a billiard ball by hitting a nickel, and some fool believes him.

Exactly what kind of tourists do they want?Fancy sex on a fishing boat? Then visit the Lake Balaton resort, say Hungary’s authorities in a recently launched campaign aimed at attracting young people to its main lake resort. The tourism authority is sending around an email with an internet link http://abalatoninyar.fw.hu/ (NOT WORK SAFE), leading viewers to a short cartoon film which features a young blonde woman having sex with a married man on a fishing boat on the lake.

Someone on /. posted about how this new sitcom Nobody’s Watching was canceled, but apparently because after people watched it on YouTube and liked it, it was given new life. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, if you want to watch the pilot.

Meet the Remote-Control Self (from /.) – Hiroshi Ishiguro is a busy man. Between his two jobs, countless meetings and presentations, his demanding schedule was eating up all his time. So he built an android version of himself to pick up the slack. Do check out the photos.

Parodies of the Mac Ads (from MS newsgroup) – There are three seperate parodies of the Apple ads in the video below, the third is my favorite, the trust fund line isn’t bad either. :-> Pretty funny parodies, yet completely in the same spirit of the Mac commercials.

Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality (from MS newsgroup) – “The internet is not something that you just dump something on. It’s not a big truck. It’s, it’s a series of tubes.” “And if you don’t understand that tubes can be filled, and if they’re filled when you put your message in it, it gets in line, it’s gonna be delayed by anyone who puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material.” “Ten movies streaming across that that, internet, and what happens to your own personal internet? I… just the other day, got internet was sent by my staff at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday, I got it yesterday. Why?” Haha! Yet another hilarious Jon Stewart piece. Here’s a follow up with John Hodgman: The Daily Show (TDS): Net Neutrality With John Hodgman

Australian motorist plays dead for car helpA driver stranded on a remote stretch of Australian highway Wednesday tried to summon help by playing dead in the middle of the road, a police officer said. A woman who was driving with her two children spotted the man and had to swerve to avoid hitting him, said Doug Backhouse, a detective with the Western Australia state police.

The 12 Differences Between Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic (from RayAlome) – The 12 Differences Between Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic

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