Pauly Shore Is Dead

So I was rewatching An Evening with Kevin Smith and the following conversation happens:

Jen: Hi, my name is Jen Dudanowizz, and…
Kevin: Hello
Jen: Hi, and I was wondering…
Kevin: What was the first name?
Jen: Jen.
Kevin: Jen. What was the last name?
Jen: Dudanowizz.
Kevin: Spell.
Jen: D-U-D, I told my mother that I would marry a guy with a single syllable last name just to make the rest of my life simple.
Kevin: Just answer my question. Spell. Spell the name.
Jen: D-U-D.
Kevin: Yes.
Jen: A-N-O-W-I-Z-Z.
Kevin: That is $35,000 worth of education.
Jen: Yes, that is. 36.
Kevin: Is it really?
Jen: But my question is, will we be seeing Jay and Silent Bob in the movies again?
Kevin: Jay and Silent Bob will never fucking come back. Never. See. Don’t boo that. Jay and Bob will be in the cartoon movie. But like live action, no way. I mean, look at me. I’m getting older. And Mewes, like thank god the make-up, because Mewes looks like he’s 49, in real life. No, there just comes a time where you stop right? Cause you don’t want to overstay your welcome, you don’t want to be Pauly Shore.
Jen: It was quality while it lasted.
Kevin: And I only say that because Pauly S- like remember everyone at one point was like the weasel. Like hey buddy. And then one day people were like fuck Pauly Shore. I just don’t want to live through that part of history. Like the hey the buddy, the weasel, that was alright. But when they’re like Fuck You, Silent Bob… Silent Dick, cause what do you say to that? Alright… Silent Dick. So just get get out while the getting’s good. Leave the party before the party ends. Push back from the table before, you know, eat 19 desserts. Um, stop at like 17½. Cause there are some people who would argue we overstayed by about 4 movies. Um, and it just feels like time to go, plus after the last one, what do you do? Like Jay and Bob in Space. They were getting high in a rocket, one of them, you know. Someone said lunch, you thought he said launch.

So I’m like who the heck is Pauly Shore? What the heck is this weasel thingy? I look him up on Wikipedia and he turns out to be the MTV host from 1989-1994. Wikipedia basically shows what happened to this poor fellow. Reading more, I find out that he had done a mockumentary about himself: By that time, though, Shore had fully retreated to smaller movie roles, and a “weasel”-free stand-up routine. He attempted a comeback with the star-studded, autobiographical independent film Pauly Shore Is Dead: You’ll Never Wiez In This Town Again, which went to video on January 25, 2005, after a small theatrical run. The film garnered critical praise and was positively received by fans, quickly developing a cult following.

I decided to give it a shot to find out who Pauly Shore really is.

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Rotten Tomatoes: Rating: 62% / Average Rating: 5.7/10
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