Hard-Fi – Cash Machine

Another free song I had gotten from iTMS awhile ago that I really liked was: Hard Fi – Cash Machine

I just wanted to share with you the 2 music videos for this song:

Music Video 1
Music Video 2

I actually saw a video of them performing this song live, and was surprised and somewhat disappointed on how different they sound live. The tune is still catchy, but it just didn’t resemble the original song much at all when it hit chorus. It seems like a bunch of instruments were missing or somethings aren’t being synthensized. I also found the instrument that the lead singer using really interesting. What is that thing called? The keyboard where you blow into?

Random Crap:

Murder suspect: Goat turned into corpseA Nigerian murder suspect accused of killing his brother with an axe told police investigators he actually attacked a goat, which was only later magically transformed into his sibling’s corpse, officials said Thursday. … Murder suspects in Nigeria, where many people believe in black magic, sometimes claim spirits tricked them into killing. In 2001, eight people were burned to death after one person in their group was accused of making a bystander’s penis magically disappear. I couldn’t stop laughing when reading that last sentence.

FDA: E. coli linked to Natural Selection Foods (from Cari; sorry Decathanerd, she was first) – The FDA warned people nationwide not to eat spinach. Washing won’t get rid of the bacteria, though thorough cooking can kill it. Just a warning for those who do eat spinach. I guess it’s time for me to stop buying bagged spinach at Safeway.

The 25 Worst Web Sites (from /.) – From unforgettable flame-outs to some of the most popular destinations around, no one is safe from our look at the world’s dumbest dot-coms and silliest sites. The list:

Complete List of the 25 Worst Web Sites

  • 25. Rentmychest.com
  • 24. IKissYou.org
  • 23. InmatesForYou.com
  • 22. Digital entertainment network (den.com)
  • 21. Golden Palace Casino
    They’re the one that wins auctiosn of random crap that looks like Holy Mary.
  • 20. Hotmail.com
    Yep, they were horrible. Hopefully Windows Live Mail will be able to compete against GMail and Yahoo! Mail.
  • 19. WebVan
  • 18. Beenz.com and Flooz.com (tie)
    Haha. I always thought it was dumb to buy these fake money. Then again, I find it horribly stupid to ever buy gift certificates.
  • 17. Boo.com
  • 16. Microsoft Windows Update
    I’m not sure why this is on this list, and it’s not the fact that I work for Microsoft. It’s layout might not be that great, but it’s still a reliable and needed service.
  • 15. Neuticles.com
  • 14. BidForSurgery.com
  • 13. Whitehouse.com
    Haha. I remember I was tricked to go here.
  • 12. The Dancing Baby
  • 11. Rabies for Kids
  • 10. MyLackey.com.
  • 9. HamsterDance.com
  • 8. BonziBuddy
  • 7. Pets.com
  • 6. Pixelon.com
  • 5. AllAdvantage
    Now what’s wrong with this site? I made almost $1000 off this!
  • 4. CD Universe
  • 3. Cartoonnetwok.com
  • 2. CyberRebate
    Ah, the infamous, get everything free!
  • 1. MySpace.com
    I agree 100%, MySpace is the worst!

Mayor’s offer to film movie backfiresWhen moviemakers told Gallatin, Tennessee, Mayor Don Wright they wanted to use his office to film a scene with a superheroine, he kindly obliged. But Wright was startled when the movie’s title, “Thong Girl 3,” and his role in its making was splashed across the front page of Friday’s editions of the Nashville Tennessean newspaper. I think they just made this film famous: Thong Girl! (no nudity, but still probably not work safe)

The All-new Yahoo! Mail Beta (from Ars) – You’ve been hearing about Yahoo! Mail Beta for quite some time, touting ajax support and really neat features and the beta’s finally open to public. It’s actually really neat and I spent some time playing with it and I might even say better than GMail!

Sunday Bloody Sunday By Bush (from Cari) – I heard the audio of this a while ago on Opie & Anthony’s XM Sattellite show but I’ve never actually seen the video to go with it. Someone has taken words from thousands of Bush speeches and mashed them together so he actually sings U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday. Really creative and must have taken forever to create. This was hilarious! Music’s actually somewhat catchy.

AMD LIVE! Media Vault (from SD) – I had mentioned about Mozy a few days back, but it seems there’s more contenders entering the arena. This new service will be giving away 25GB of free storage. There are quite a few restrictions though. First, you’re only allowed to download 1GB/month (unlimited upload up to your cap). I’m okay with this since I would only use it to backup and won’t need to download much. If you want to share a file, the free account only allows you to share files upto 25MB, but you can backup files of any size it appears. It doesn’t mention how it goes about making your data secure/encrypted, so I’m guessing there is none. I haven’t played with their software, but I wonder how it compares with the Mozy client which I find pretty neat with all the preconfigured defaults and the ease of use.

Muppet Babies – Someone on the MS newsgroup forward a clip of Beaker singing Feelings and this got me nostalgic of finding Muppet Babies clips on YouTube. Muppet Babies were so cute! And then I find this clip, where they use REAL Muppets instead of animation. They’re so cute!!!

It appears one of my previous posts were marked as PRIVATE. I’ve made it public now: Saber Marionette J to X Episodes 9 – 26. It’s been so long since I posted any anime reviews. Haha… Current series I’m watching include:

  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Blood+
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  • Detective Conan
  • Hellsing Ultimate OVA

Boy gets handcuffed to stuffed reindeerJust to make sure the animal didn’t run, or fly, away, the child attached one end of the toy handcuffs to his own wrist. And that meant the family had to call the real police Wednesday. … “I might ask Santa Claus to get me a police key for Christmas,” Kevon said when it was all over. Claus might bring it too, but perhaps only on the condition no reindeer are again shackled. I just find it hilarious that brute force wasn’t able to work on a toy handcuff. Finally a hairpin and lock picking saves the day.

Widow rented rotary phone for 42 years– A widow rented a rotary dial telephone for 42 years, paying what her family calculates as more than $14,000 for a now outdated phone. … Until two months ago, Strogen was still paying AT&T to use the phones — $29.10 a month. Strogen’s granddaughters, Melissa Howell and Barb Gordon, ended the arrangement when they discovered the bills. Ouch! $30/month on a phone. Isn’t that enough to buy a decent phone nowadays. If not, you’d certainly get a really good phone in just half a year!

My Animated World (from Kira) – This Stop Motion Animation takes you into another world. In this world no physical laws count. The only laws that count are the laws of the Animator. I animated myself through my house and the city of Breda, the Netherlands. It took me 6 months to complete. That is mainly because of the weather. It wasn’t always suitable to shoot my scenes. The song I used is called Chinois by DJ Aphrodite and can be found on the record Aftershock. Enjoy! I would like to know what you think about it. Rather interesting video. Must’ve taken him forever.

Coming Zune – have you seen the new marketing strategy for the Zune? I found the opening commercial hilarious, yet the burning bird was a bit sad. Although Derek did point out the fact that it’s probably meant that one bird sent another music wireless and now it’s on fire! Literally. The other ad they have showing the tiny man petting the rabbit was cute too. On the site itself, they’re allowing you download the 32 second bird clip if you want.

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