Firefox 2.0

Firefox 2.0 was released a couple days ago. I don’t think the auto-upgrade will upgrade you from 1.5.x to 2.0, since it didn’t trigger for 2 days. I decided to go ahead and download and try it out myself.

A couple of my extensions were incompatible (i.e. Enhanced History Manager, Tab Mix Plus, FavIcon Picker), but the most important one (Adblock) was still working. In fact, I went and upgraded to Adblock Plus. They no longer call them “extensions”, as the tool menu has renamed them to Add-Ons.

The biggest feature I noticed is the spell checker. Now, whenever I type a response in a forum or even while I’m typing this blog entry, it’s filled with red wiggly lines. Not that my spelling sucks, but names and stuff aren’t in their dictionary. Okay, I admit, my spelling does suck. *sniff*

Overall, I haven’t notice much changes.

From Redmond With Love (from MS newsgroup):

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Team sent us a cake for the upcoming release of Firefox 2!

ie team sent firefox team for shipping firefox 2.0

A big thanks to Redmond, Washington!

P.S.: No, it was not poisoned 😉

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