Browser Keywords Evolution

Since the introduction of Firefox’s keywords, launching sites and doing quick searches have been a breeze. It’s awesome already, but I think there’s a way to make it even MORE awesome. Don’t believe me? This evolution really only pertains to people who use keywords for search (e.g. dict difficult) would launch querying for the definition of difficult. However, what happens when you type dict by itself. Since you didn’t pass in any parameters, it takes the %s literally and searches for the definition of %s. In this case, what I would’ve wanted it to do is to open’s homepage.

Multiple keywords generally don’t apply to search engines because there’s really no reason to ever visit Google or Live if you’re not going to do a search. But this comes in awfully handy for forums or blogs or generally lists that get updated. If I type /., it should open Slashdot, but if I type /. firefox, it should do a search on Slashdot with the keyword(s) being firefox. However, in today’s Firefox, only one or the other can take the /. keyword. I would need another keyword using a different letter/character combination for the other task.

Just a thought.

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