2 Dead Plants

So I just found out the previous owner left some potted plants for me. I’ve only found 2. Maybe there’s more. Anyway, they’re all brown now and looks pretty much dead. One’s hanging from balcony #2 and the other is hanging near my font door. Both are places I frequent very little. I usually enter/exit through my garage and I hardly go out on either of my balconies.

Anyway, I’ve started to water them. Not sure if they’ll revive. If they don’t, guess I’ll just chuck them, but now I have a Tupperware (I thought it was spelled Tuppleware) sitting on my kitchen counter so I remember to water it every night.

Random Crap

Physics promises wireless powerThe answer the team came up with was “resonance”, a phenomenon that causes an object to vibrate when energy of a certain frequency is applied. “When you have two resonant objects of the same frequency they tend to couple very strongly,” Professor Soljacic told the BBC News website. Resonance can be seen in musical instruments for example. “When you play a tune on one, then another instrument with the same acoustic resonance will pick up that tune, it will visibly vibrate,” he said. Instead of using acoustic vibrations, the team’s system exploits the resonance of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, infrared and X-rays. Neat! No more plugging in my laptop or cell phone or iPod. These chargers will probably be as widely available as WiFi, so I can just walk around with these devices in my pocket and they’ll automatically charge.

KFC targets extraterrestrials with huge logoFrom space, extraterrestrials and astronauts can look back to earth and see The Great Wall of China — and KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Here’s a blog entry: KFC’s logo first to be seen from space (from /.) that tells you the story and has a video of the logo being made in progress.

kfc logo as seen from space

Getting People To Slow Down – Denmark’s Solution (from MS newsgroup) – (NOT WORK SAFE) Denmark has always been a very advanced country. They use novel approaches at solving problems. In Copenhagen, like in many other big cities, speeding is a problem. Most countries would put draconian radar controls, Police check points, speed bumps, etc. But not the Danes….. Here’s the most user friendly and novel approach for getting people to slow down. I like the name they chose: Speed Control Bikini Bandits

Restaurant comes to lobster’s rescueThe Monstro raffle was so successful that Cunha extended it to another lobster, a 9-pounder who’d joined Monstro in the tank a couple of weeks ago. That lobster was set free, too. I should just catch a bunch of fish or animals and ask people to pay me to free them. ;p Of course the money will be donated to better the animal welfare.

Below the Mean (from ChewyDenise) – A comic strip by a Cal student of Cal life. (Cal = U.C. Berkeley). Pretty funny so far. Some humor requires you to actually be a student to understand it, like the Evan’s reference. It only has 5 strips so far, but I see a good future for it.

Bloglines (from Tekman) – Tekman’s actually told me this awhile back. In fact I added bloglines as to my whitelist of being able to load my images. Anyway, with Firefox 2.0, they have several suggested RSS feed aggregators. Bloglines was one of them, so I decided to give it a try. It’s pretty neat! I split my RSS feeds into: Blogs, Comics, Deals, News, and TV. Unfortunately a “couple” of my friends don’t support RSS feeds on their blogs so they’ll probably be frequent less often now.

Older Brothers Suck (from SueOn)- I hope this kid grows up and kicks the crap out of his older brother. Thank god I don’t have an older brother. Then again, thank god I am one. *evil grin* Poor kid. At least the brother had the decency to let him wear a helmet for the “ultimate attempt”.

Worst Burglar Ever (from Digg) – A burglar tries to rob a convenience store but was able to enter, but unable to get out. During his escapade, he screws up multiple times and finally just waits for the owner to come in and when he does, he lays flat on the floor as if he’s given up and waiting arrest.

Inventionland (from Digg) – A pretty amazing place to work. Apparently, this is where you can submit your ideas and they’ll bring to life. However, there’s been a secondary report that only about 0.001% (I just pulled the number from by ***, but it was something extremely small) of the inventions they make for people ever get to see a profit.

Chocolate addiction leads to sweet discoveryThey were so addicted, they just could not give up their favourite daily snack — not even in the interest of science. But chocolate lovers who flunked out of a Johns Hopkins University study on aspirin and heart disease helped researchers stumble on an explanation of why a little chocolate a day can cut the risk of heart attack. I didn’t need another reason to eat chocolate.

Thumb-thing for the record booksA Singaporean student broke the Guinness World Record for the shortest time needed to type a 160-character SMS message Sunday after whizzing through the task in less than 42 seconds in a competition. I would’ve thought the Japanese would be the best at these things. You ever see how fast they pump up kanji and hiragana?

5 Toothpick And A Star… (from Digg) – See 5 toothpicks moving without any help…. from nothing to a star… I’ve probably seen this trick before, but it’s always neat. Explanation from PorkyPig: It’s not fake. There are five toothpicks broken in the middle but not snapped, the two halves remain attatched. the wood fibres in this attatched section have been compressed due to the bending action. As the wood absorbs the small amount of water, the fibres start to expand. Very hot water should enable this to happen more quickly. Use a hot spoon to add the water.

Thai zoo finds gold in giant pandas’ dungA Thai zoo has discovered a way to utilise unwanted dung from a couple of pandas by using it to make paper for souvenirs, the country’s panda project manager said on Tuesday. One panda’s poop is another man’s gold. Reminds me of the story Kimura tells us:

There’s a father or a doctor who’s doing an experiment. There’s 2 kids and he puts them into separate rooms. The first kid is placed in a room filled with toys, while the second kid is placed in a room filled with horse shit. The man began studying the 1st kid in the room with toys. After awhile, the kid began to cry and the man asked him what was wrong. The kid said the toys were no longer fun. The man thinks, if this kid is behaving like this already, I’m afraid to see what the other kid will be like. He went over to the second room to check on the kid in the horse shit room. To his surprise, this kid was having the time of his life. He was digging inside the poop and throwing it around and laughing all along. The man asks the kid why he was so happy and what he was doing. The kid replies, “If there’s this much horse poop, there must be a horse nearby.”

The moral of the story is similar to when given lemons, go make lemonade. Even when given a dump of horse shit, you can still have fun.

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