Happy Birthday CrabyAple

Happy Birthday CrabyAple!

And everyone on my team gets the entire next week off! Yay! A 9 day vacation. 🙂

Random Crap:

PS3 Line Insanity; Pregnant Woman Tries Not To Give Birth While Waiting (from Digg) – Apparently, one woman who is nine months pregnant, has been trying to ignore her contractions in order to stay in line, while another woman who isn’t even interested in gaming decided to line up just for the hell of it. Sigh… PS3 before baby. I wonder how the kid will turn out since the mom will probably ignore him/her while enjoying the PS3.

Free long distance calls through Google? (from Digg) – Although it’s almost certainly against the terms and conditions, the new feature could theoretically allow users to make free long distance phone calls to any North American number. Interesting idea, but putting your phone number out there is like posting your email in a public directory. You’re bound to get more phone calls from telemarketers. On the other hand, you have free services like Jajah.

Petit jeu connu (from Digg) – I’ve seen the baby picture a bunch of times already, but someone decided to photo shop it and does a pretty decent job. We have Hulk Hogan, KISS, Michael Moore, and a bunch of other hilarious ones.

Windows Vista testers get free copy of RTM (from Digg) – If you’re a Vista tester, Windows Vista Business (by default, Ultimate if you ask for it) is yours – check your email account associated with your Connect profile. If you qualify (if, that is) then you’ll get a free copy in form of a unique Connect invitation to a new sub-page with the build on. You must have submitted one bug at least to get a free copy and be on the technical beta. I thought that was pretty neat.

Smash My PlayStation 3 (from Angelus) – We will be one of the first people to get our hands on a PlayStation 3. After we do, we will destroy it in front of all the PS3 fanboys moments after we buy it. This is only a social experiment, for the entertainment of the donors, and visitors of this site. Hahahahaha.

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