Burger King releases Xbox 360 games

It’s been awhile since I ate at Burger King. The last time being during my drive down this summer to Mt. Shasta with CDMCC and before that was probably years ago. Anyway, Burger King is doing a promotion where they’re selling 3 exclusive Xbox 360 games for $3.99 with your order. They even have a BK Gamer website up.

There are 3 games available:

You can watch the trailers of each individual game on their website. The games are actually not half bad, and for $3.99, it’s well worth the money (unless you’re not a ‘gamer’ as my fellow *cough* doesn’t believe in games because they don’t involve money). The game I got was Big Bumpin’, which was actually what I was wanted first. My 2nd choice would’ve been Pocketbike Racer. Big Bumpin’ is sorta like a very weak version of Mario Party, where you go drive around a bumper car and do fun things like blow up other people, play hockey, push people off edges, etc.

I would have to say this was brilliant marketing as it actually got me into a Burger King. I haven’t visited McDonald’s in ages either. The only fast food restaurants that I actually like are Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box.

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