Pablo Francisco: Ouch! Live From San Jose

I’ve always been of Pablo Francisco ever since I first saw his skit on Comedy Central. He actually performed in Berkeley my senior year, but I didn’t missed his show. So far besides his comedy central skit, he’s also released his performance in Irvine: Pablo Francisco – Bits And Pieces: Live From Orange County, which were mostly repeat of jokes from his Comedy Central stand-up. However, this new performance in San Jose has a completely new set of jokes.

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pablo francisco: ouch! live from san jose dvd cover

He goes on making fun of San Francisco (since this is San Jose), Jackie Chan, William Hung, Brokeback Mountain, Ecstacy, Grand Theft Auto, and much more! Jokes were hilarious. I thought I’d share the William Hung clip:
pablo francsico - ouch! - william hung

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