Something happened today and my heads been going in circles. I’m confused. So confused that I’ve been doing stuff out of order. Like washing my face first before shampooing my hair. Or watering front door plant before back porch plant. Or almost forgetting to put on my shoes before going outside to get my mail, and I was even contemplating on go barefoot and just endure the pain. Why am I confused?!?!

Random Crap:

Weird Al – Behind the Scenes of “White and Nerdy” (from Digg) – Go behind the scenes of Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” video from his new album Straight Outta Lynwood, in stores now.

How to Crap All Over a Product Launch, by Microsoft Corp. (from Digg) – what he says isn’t that interesting, but it did tell me there are Pink Zunes out there. According to Engadget, So as we understand it, apparently Microsoft secretly slipped 100 hot pink (or shall we say, magenta?) Zunes into the retail market for purchase, where only especially eagle-eyed buyers would notice what they were getting before taking it home and opening up their rather eye-catching player. (For lawsuit’s sake, it’s in the fine print on the bottom of the box.) In fact, one’s on sale on eBay right now: Microsoft Zune.. Pink Limited Edition #8 of 100 NIB and one sold for $920.

pink zune
(picture courtesy of Endgadget)

Live Action Hamster Videogame (from Cari) – Poor little hamster. He’s stuck in a video game. Don’t worry, he wins. (OMG SPOILER.) Hamster didn’t seem to be having fun. Would’ve been neat if he got little treats on the way, sorta like the little apples Yoshi gets.

Carved Crayons (from Digg) – a bunch of neat carvings made using crayon sticks by Pete Goldlust.

Bottled MusicA guy plays music on bottles with rollerblades. Was pondering if this was good enough to be posted, but decided it was worth showing. Not really that creative or new, but still somewhat cool where a guy rollerblades down the street with glass bottles filled with different amounts of liquid to make different sounds. On each skate, he puts a stick like thingy which hits the bottles as he skates down.

MS Paint God (from Derek) – Getting this good with MS Paint is like becoming a world famous kazoo player. Just an amazing job what someone can do with just MS Paint! I don’t know what car that is, but it’s very sweet looking.

Was watching the latest episode of Kanon and the fox is so cute! You can watch the video here: Kanon – Makoto Fox.

Case Closed? (from Digg) – An Extra Shift Led to a Terrifying Strip Search, But the Suspect Was Set Free – It was the shocking story — and unbelievable surveillance video — that riveted the nation. A young McDonald’s employee humiliated, forced to strip and then to perform a sexual act in the back office, during her work day. Wow, I can’t believe this happened… Go watch the video if you’re too lazy to read the article.

Paintball Headshot (from Digg) – This guy got PWNED!!!

Beware of the fungi! (from Digg) – When will we have to report on our spore infected fellow man? Scenes taken from Planet Earth episode 8. From the production info: “From the creators of BLUE PLANET comes this epic depiction of life on Earth. PLANET EARTH was a mammoth undertaking and was the result of more than 2000 days of production, filmed across 200 different locations around the world.” Remember when your parents told you not to eat the seeds of the fruit, or else you might grow a watermelon on your head? Well, imagine if a fungi killed you and then grew out from your head.

Interview Disaster Special (from Digg) – (NOT WORK SAFE!) I have conducted a series of interviews with adult industry figures. These interviews did not go well and they probably represent the last failed attempt at something even approaching journalism of my entire career. Here’s Part II if you’re interested in reading. It reminds me of Blood Ninja, but with porn stars.

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